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Default help a newbie! difference between MMO and RPG ?

ok, this may seem like common sense but i have no idea on this genre of game..

is MMO just short for MMORPG ?

MMORPG = Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game ?

is there a difference between MMO and a game that's just classified as RPG besides the online size of it?

if there isn't then RPG should be removed from the forum title ?

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Some background info that answers your questions:
Massively multiplayer online game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Lets see if I can explain what I think I know. I'm not an expert but here is what I do know...

MMO = is short for MMORPG which in turn is short for - Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

RPG is short for Role Playing Game. This encumpasses the MMO's as well as simple player and small muli-player games.(Bards Tale, Myst, DAoC, WoW, EVE) You can play a personality with in these games to change the way you want to play it. Play an evil Orc, a happy go lucky priest, a hard nosed warrior.

MMO is used to denote games that has unlimited(depends onthe server restrictions only not game mechanics) player basis and is played online in a world/universe thats evolving. It changes as the player's toon evolves.

RPG is used to denote any game that a player can play to "level" up a character (toon if you wish) and follow a story line. They Role play the hero thru thier quests to learn infomation to the story they are trying to end/complete/solve.

Hope this helps..
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Ned, the forum title is fine as it stands.

While on the face of it they may seem very similar, in fact they are quite different experiences. Ashin is spot on with his description, and while I've played almost nothing of the MMO world, I'm aware of some fundamental differences. First and foremost is that the "RPG's" discussed here are single player - while there may be some online or multi-player aspects, they aren't MMO's as such. I think it's probably best summarised (in my mind) that RPG's are all about you, and you alone, where MMORPG's are about you interacting with a multitude of others.

RPG's can be very similar to games like WoW, or they can be similar to shooters (Fallout 3) - it's all about the choices faced by the player, and the fact that these decisions will have (hopefully) far reaching implications within the game. By having choices, you can decide for yourself if you want to be benign, or villanous, and there are generally jobs or quests to do - how and when you do them is generally up to you.

So this forum and it's title is spot on as far as I'm concerned.
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thanks for the feedback guys, learnt a lot!

very much appreciated
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thinks for sharing information
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