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Thumbs up Mount and Blade

Anyone played it?

Seems pretty cheap on Steam.

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Ok bought this game last week.

If you are a Rome Total War fan, Lords of the Realm or even a "pre gun powder" fan GET IT!

It's a cross between RTW, Braveheart (movie), with a huge emphasis on RPG.


Basically your start off as a nobody.
Your goal is to build your way up by either, doing quests, trading goods (making profit), raiding villages, or siding with a Noble in his quest for glory. You could even just raid a castle and take it over and become a rebel (links with nobody).
Along the way you will enter EPIC batttles, in which you fight in FPS mode.
There are hero units which you meet in taverns along the way. Recruit them and then arm them sending them into battles with you.

At the moment I have sided with a prince who has been thrown out of the family. He has asked me to help him take back his rightful place at the healm. I am basically recruiting village folk to help me in my goal. You recruit and train them into many different classes of fighters. Once trained fully they come out as Knights. The knights are so powerful they can take down 15 peasants.

At the moment I am armed with a massive Axe, crossbow and plenty of armer.

Come and Join me in this awesome game!

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good on you Parkey for jumping on board - its a great game isnt it I havent played for a few months now, but will no doubt get back at some point to see how some of the mods have progressed. Its certainly my favourite ever combat game.

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M&B is an absolute indie winner!
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