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Thumbs up Path to Pelantas - Public Beta

Having enjoyed browser games online for many years i found that many were very time consuming and required you to log on many times each day etc. At last i have found a game that is not so time consuming and is of excellent design. The game was created by some Danish guys in their 30's while having a few beers and has been online for just on 2 years now but it is still in the public beta stage. There is no charge at all.

I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys RPG with well thought out management elements.


So here are the details:

"Path to Pelantas" is a unique addition to the world of online games. Combining elements from sports management and role playing games, this game is the only one of its kind. The setting is a medieval fantasy world, where you undertake the command of a homestead as an aspiring lord.

With the task as ruler of your homestead comes the responsibility of managing a party of heroes all willing to fight under your banner. You appoint these heroes for weekly arena battles against other lords and you send them into the wilderness to complete dangerous quests and fight vicious monsters.

The game is played using only the internet and a browser. The game is text-based and is played real time, meaning that most events take place on a regular weekly scheduled basis. Thus battles are always fought on Saturday and quests are always resolved on Mondays. There is a possibility for new events to happen any time though, so there are plenty of reasons to log in every day.

The game is not time consuming at all and this is why it is such a great alternative to other Massive Multi User Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG). Many gamers will find a few logins every week sufficient while others will probably log in several times a day.

Path to Pelantas


My name there is Tarot so put my name in the referrer box when you join, as they plan to include some features later on for those join from invites. If you do join post here the name you used so i know who you are, as you can bookmark friends and follow their progress in game.
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