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Default Majesty 2 - mini review..

I picked up majesty 2 during the mad steam sales over xmas. Never played the original, and was turned off by the idea of lack of direct control over minions. However, the steam price was too good to say no too!

Much to my surprise, the game is excellent fun.

It's a real time game and plays like a mix of 'sim kingdom', tower defense, RPG, and a dash of age of empires.... the style is very lighthearted, voice acting acceptable and humorous but challenging enough to keep me coming back.

Basically, the only things you control are the building type and placement, and task flags (plus the amount of gold 'inducement' you wish to attach to the task). If you do this efficiently, you can sit back and watch the action as your heroes fight the wandering monsters. It's kinda relaxing to play in some ways

The game is different to other RTS titles out there, and I think it is worth a go. Just don't go into it expecting your regular competitive RTS game.

I've not played the mp at all.... so I can't comment on that.

My advice:

- Don't go into the game expecting C&C or SupCom
- A couple of well placed towers can help defend against indestructable monster pits
- Don't encourage your heroes to poke around too much till you econ is solid
- Econ is all.. a marketplace is essential early (you make money from the stuff heroes buy) and trade routes bring in the big dollars if you can protect them
- Don't forget you can speed up the game speed if not much is happening
- You need level 2 palace to enable 'party creation' at the inns.. this is absolutely critical to end game survival for your heroes. They do much better in packs.
- Wizards die if sneezed at.. i tend not to make them till I have the ability to form parties or I have enough gold to put a defend flag onto the wizard so others will protect him
- Lords are hella expensive to bring out but really kick early game arse... sometimes I find it better to spam out early cheap fighters and rogues. It's highly dependent on the sp scenario.

Anyway, enough guff from me. Try it out, or if you have any questions about it, drop a line in this thread or pm me

Regards, Gaping_MAW aka Scoobs

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