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Originally Posted by Ace Rimsey View Post
Actually Shogun Total War was their first ever release. I still have my copy which I played for ages back in the day. I never Did get any of the later ones like Rome or Medieval as they kept crashing on my Hardware. I did buy Empire Total Wars but the bugs were so bad i had to give up on that game too.

Bought Napoleon Total war too, but too busy to play it.

I hope I can put a good solid 2 months of gaming on TWS2.
Yes, I should've qualified my statement. Rome Total War was CA's first title that used 3D units with a new game engine.

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I love the Total War series, but am still hesitant in getting this one.
The only reason is that I don't like the "flags" that are attached to every single member of a unit.
Does anyone know if this can be switched off or anything?
From seeing the trailers it just looks like they detract from the overall graphics and are distracting.
Any thoughts?..It may sound trivial, but I prefer to be focused on the fighting and not flags.
It would be a shame if such an awesome looking game has a simple off-putting flaw.
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Old 16th May 2011, 10:51 AM   #13 (permalink)
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I know there is a setting to turn off the unit flag which hangs above each unit formation. It would add a tinge of realism when you view your army and the opponents.

Is anyone playing this game online? I just bought it the other day and it's great fun, it tkes me back to the very first Shogun Total War I was wondering if anyone is playing online.
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Beating this on hard is, damn hard!

Took me forever. You'll want to be stupid rich and have a handful of freshly made vassals just before you hit "realm divide". Use your vassals as shields while you make a march on Koyto, and make sure you have a massive fleet to guard your provinces form raids by the eastern clans.

Haven't tried playing hard with any eastern clans yet, so much harder to maintain wealth without the foreign trading ports to the west. I think you'd need a completely different strategy from beginning to end to make it work from there.
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Never really played much online Zee, found it too formulaic in that someone finds a decent strategy with certain units and all of a sudden everyone starts to use it.

I did try a campaign in Empire with Mech once which was quite interesting. If you start as rivals then you can battle each other instead of either auto-resolving or waiting for them to battle against the AI.
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Old 20th May 2011, 11:05 AM   #16 (permalink)
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I played Shogun back when it came out in 2000. I believe that was the miracle year. I have Medieval and Empire. I was more locked into Shogun addiction wise than the other titles although I love them all. Empire was my intro to Steam and there were so many problems that I could not play at all which was lousy since I paid full price for the game not knowing about Steam. Now that I just got Shogun 2, years after I last attempted to play Empire, I find that something was fixed because Empire works great now. At any rate I am so stoked on Shogun 2 that Empire will have to sit on the back burner for awhile longer.
Here are a couple links to guides that are great for me. Also, putting here a link so that you don't need to open game to check the encyclopedia. This was a grrrreat find for me so I thought I would share

Dark Side's Economy Guide for Shogun 2

Guide to the Guides (Total War: Shogun 2)

Ok, gotta get back to game Multiplayer looks like it will be a blast after I play campaign to get familiar with the new SHOGUN 2.
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Limited edition only $37 if you don't mind waiting for delivery. I'm a sucker for a total war game...

Total War Shogun 2 Limited Edition Game PC - ozgameshop.com
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