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StayPuft 17th August 2010 10:56 AM

Hon Update!
Fellow Toggers and potential memeber!
Just thought id give those of you who play regularly or those who have never played but might be interested a quick update on where things are with all things HON.

Currently there is a new update recently released (the weekend that just passed 14th of August) and with it came the addition of a new character, Flint Beastwood. He is a new agility player which is practically a sniper. Can be frustrating to play against at times but will definitely get nerfed as is slightly over powered atm.

Our division has a solid core group of players which play regularly and it would be great to see some new additions to our group. Everyone who play are there to have fun and its in fact a lot more enjoyable playing with fellow toggers than merely playing on your own some.

Just want to thank those who are still commuted to HON and i look forward to one day having games where its Tog vs Tog :) 5v5!

If anyone is interested in playing or has any questions please feel free to contact me or alternatively you can check out (game is well worth the mere $30 cost and has great replay value)

Stay Puft (Blurrydead) Your friendly neighborhood marshmellow man!

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