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Old 14th September 2010, 06:23 AM   #1 (permalink)
Mostly Harmless - Post: 83

Default LOCO

been playing this a bit lately

YouTube - Land of Chaos Online Gameplay - First Look HD

thought I'd bring it to the TOG forums for you guys to check out...
my impressions, the idea of the game works well
controls take getting used to
the music is great
graphics are alright

worth checking out if you liked HoN/LoL etc but would love a similar game with a faster pace
kinda plays with a similar speed to an fps (although it isn't)
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Competent - Post: 485
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Ive played this briefly, its a pretty good game.

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Mostly Harmless - Post: 83


I've also checked out heroes of avalon recently

I wont link the mmohut gameplay review because the review doesn't really do the game justice.

heroes of avalon is like LoL/HoN/DoTA on steroids... they kinda did what those other games should have and it's really added an extra dimension and extra playability to the game.....

simply put it has lots of different maps, the traditional battle PVP gameplay as well as co-operative missions.... 3 to 8 ppl team up and complete a PVE map, it could be slashing their way through a bunch of bosses in a dungeon/labyrinth, holding off swarm after swarm of mobs for a set amount of time (with boss spawns and events/encounters happening all the while)....
or doing the solo campaign wich is kinda challenging too.....

graphically it's probably nothing special....
but I'm the kind of gamer that loves to play games like disgea... even though the graphics were crap... the gameplay was just so solid and so well designed... the graphics didn't matter...

I find myself easily overlooking less than ideal graphics for games that have such playability and replayabilty by their design alone.

I suspect I will keep coming back to heroes of avalon as more content comes out... and play LOCO for that fast paced action thrill too...
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