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Default The Sims Mideival

Tell ya, this has turned into a flop for me.
It is sooo darn cookie cutter. The player does not form a connection with a certain created character... instead must flip to a vast variety of characters... MUST follow a specific lined out series of quests...

I wanted to start over only to find relatively the same quests... no real creativity... Obligations that one must perform along the narrow track of game play feels more like cattle being run through the branding chute.

Really a pity I threw $40 out for this game.

Some of the aspects I enjoy... though overall... No real immersion practical.

4 of 10 score from this Togger and this is being polite due to prior enjoyable SIM games.
Removing those who defend and keeping those who offend... gotta love it or be removed.

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Thanks for that, I was going to grab it.
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I enjoyed it, at first. It's kind of like the Sims meets Fable.

Unfortunately, subsequent playthroughs where you create new kingdoms but they look exactly the same, with the same quests with essentially the same objectives takes the fun out of it, especially if you know how to get "legendary traits" quests give you.

I might use a mod to unlock all the quests and play through that way instead.

I'm hoping the inevitable expansion packs make the game more varied.
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