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Thumbs up Achron - Time travelling RTS

No, NOT Archon, the old Chess like game...

Achron sounds very interesting!!

Originally Posted by Kotaku
In the first mission of the upcoming computer game that Chris Hazard, PhD, has been trying to make since 1999, our hero, a man named Holloway meets himself. In the second mission, Holloway's foot soldiers are killed in an ambush. But time can be backed up. The men can be given new orders in the past. They march a different way. They survive.
In the third mission we, the controllers of Holloway's fate, can look into the future and see his allies die. Changes in Holloway's present can prevent that.
And in the fourth mission Holloway travels minutes into the past to do something important, only to have his enemies respond by attacking him in the near-future.
All of these time jumps and time revisions—all of the movements of Holloway and his army of soldiers—are under the control of you, the player. You play the present, the past in the future. You issues orders in any minute of a timeline, forward or back. If your head isn't hurting and your appetite has been whet, you're ready for the game Chris Hazard, doctor of computer science, dreamed up. And, very soon, his game will finally be ready for you.
Read the whole article - it's fascinating! A Game Called Achron and the Theory That Games Would be Better With Time Travel

The game's website is: http://www.achrongame.com/
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Yeah I was watching that, was an interesting proposal and not quite the same old trick as saving, and reloading old saves to redo mistakes but entirely different. there are limitations courtesy of the "chrono energy" requirements and what not so its not a total saving grace feature.

We need you, Citizen!
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