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Really must get some screenies. Would've had an great one yesterday where I stuffed up a quest and killed all the gurads in one of the cities. They were piled 4 deep at the bottom of some stairs I had made my defensive position. Then there was an asassination I undertook with Cicero in tow. "Stay here" I said. Waffle, waffle he said. Perfect headshot in the middle of the day and got away with it. Stroll past the scene of the crime - 5 guards piled up...Cicero was sent home.

On the subject of the ruins. I can't remember which one it was but it so big and at least 3 levels that I got lost. That never happened in Oblivion.
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Here's the best of my collection so far:

Skyrim has excellent graphics on ultra high, half the fun is looking for new spots to shoot.
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Nice pics and shows how cool the world of Skyrim is. I have had a ton of Wow moments and I am only 48 hours in.


Originally Posted by Justin Kace View Post
Righto lads and ladies! If you can tear yourself away from the game for a few minutes, share with us some of your favourite Skyrim holiday photos!!

A brave new dragonborn.

Lovely mountain valley!

I went clothes shopping. This was all they had in my size.

Made a friend with the local emo crew. We connected well.

Visited the regional mage college. It was cold.

Dragon hunting with my emo buddy.

Nowhere had anything in my size so I made my own set of holiday clothing.

Beat up one of the local arsonists and found this mask. It speaks to me!

Burying your head in the sand, err tower, wont save you now!

These mountain ruins are terrific!
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