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Default World of Battles:Morningstar

Hi all,

Played a bit of this last night. It's free to play on Steam but is in reality running on a similar format to to World of Tanks.

Quick, disjointed review.

So far it is actually pretty good. I'm playing on Euro server 2 and end up with Russians, French, Greeks etc so communication is an issue. A funny side effect is that the units of those players sometimes appear in their language so you are trying to work out what you are fighting.

The armies are usually 4-6 units strong with a mix of troop types with the classic scissor/rock/paper/lizard/spock formula. If you understand the interactions of ancient/medieval troops types then you will do fine. There are apparently 190 units form 9 different factions. The factions are all classic (think Warhammer FB) fantasy with Dark Elves, Undead etc Units are fairly standard pikes, infantry, archers and cavalry

The matches themselves are very much in the Total War vein but without any of the tactical subtly or formation changing ability that you will find it those games. The tactics are there to be used all right and I have won a few games due to superior tactics against better equipped foes but most of the time it just seems to be one big melee.

Graphics are acceptable but not great. I feel like I'm playing an extended beta especially given the issues players are reporting. I haven't had any myself but crashes are apparently common. Matchmaking can be more of an issue - I have only fought in one battle where I was in side that matched the opposition in player numbers. This is not really a negative as I can see the potential of this game and the room for improvement that is available.

Clan battles are available but you cannot join a clan until level 7 and cannot create one until level 15 - so no TOG clan until then. The clans fight over control of a 500 province world map. Holding a province provides gems to all clan members.

Gems are the most important resource in the game. With gems you can buy premium accounts and extra special gear for your units. can also be bought with real money but at an exorbitant price IMHO. Personally every win I and every upgrade I make to my troops is that much more satisfying due to my doing it myself without buying assistance.

Any one want to join me for a game - Generals name is "Malekithau" and army name is "Crimson Reavers".

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