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Default Watchdogs - Ubisoft

Well, first day of E3 and wow!

Some really nice games coming out, assassins creed 3, resident evil 6, farcry3, Black Ops 2, Splinter cell blacklist, but have to say.....check this out -

Oh....maybe we should get a correspondence team together to cover E3....do we have one?

Would be keen to look at something for next year.
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Damn... Shame I have sworn of scummy Ubisoft. Never mind. The Witcher guys are putting out a cyberunk game that looks pretty damn hot too.

So I wonder if that's their own engine? It reeks of Rockstar... Bloody incredible either way.
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Perhaps the most surprising thing of E3 from the conferences, but only surprising due to the ridiculous amount of work that's going into this game. I felt creativity on a whole was lacking from all the major press conferences although I haven't watched Nintendo's yet.
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