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Old 2nd March 2013, 04:57 AM   #41 (permalink)
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RTS: Homeworld + Total war series
MMO: eve - daoc

But sadly not much has recently sparkled my interest except for Warthunder
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Frontier: Elite II

An explorable galaxy on a 1.44mb floppy disc that lets you seamlessly take off and land on planets, ah good times.
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this thread again
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It's hard to compare games from different era's so I would have to say Duke Nukem for the Win95/98 era, Neverwinter Nights for the Win2K/WinXP era and Skyrim for the current era. Of course the all time champion in my mind is Dungeons and Dragons, which I started playing in the late 70's. The only graphics were in your head.
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I have purposely not read other's replies - for me, this list would have to include:

Star Wars Galaxies (pre NGE)

Skyrim (one of the, if not THE, best 'sand box' RPG's ever made. the Elder Scrolls games before it are also on my 'must play' list.)

The Mass Effect Series.

Halo (every thing except Halo Wars... maybe it would be fun on a PC, but console play was horrible.)

the Fall Out series, (the originals have a place in my heart, the later games were just awesome.)

Dragon Age Origins (excellent RPG)

Final Fantasy VII

Microsoft Flight Sim - this was one of the first video games on a computer that I saw / played. (on my Uncle's Apple IIe) the sequels have been fun to keep up with, and even though the latest entry strayed from the 'sim' aspect, I still enjoyed it.. but more on a 'casual' or 'arcade' level.

Red Dead Redemption - Multiplayer. (I hear single player is great too, I just haven't done it yet.)

Balders Gate - 'go for the eye's boo!'

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance - and AWESOME hack n slash action adventure game.

Tribes - super fun shooter, the 'free to play' game get's pretty close to capturing what I liked about the original, though many disagree with me. That said, I hate the 'free to play' aspects. (microtransactions.)

oh, and of course, all the Blizzard games:

Diablo II

StarCraft I or II

WarCraft II

World of WarCraft

I'm sure that the list is missing a bunch, but my favorite games, are the one's at the top:

Star Wars Galaxies, and Skyrim.

thanks for the walk down memory lane.

Oh ya! Starflight has to be on that list. heh. /end edit.
Thank you,

zWolf, Wesgar, Wade.

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This is a hard Choice!

RPG: - Neverwinter Nights 1 - A truly amazing game with options for single player, LAN, online (persistent world) and design your own adventures.

Strategy: Close Combat; A Bridge too Far - 15 minutes of mayhem per battle, battles linked as part of a campaign and soldiers that model human behaviour in the crucible of battle. You certainly learn how to use cover and suppressive fire to keep your soldiers alive!

Shooter: World of Tanks: The Thinking man's shooter with a lot of nuances. Nothing is sweeter when your foresight/skill/luck win the game for your team. World of Tanks also just keeps on getting better and better

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God too many to choose from, cant simply choose ONE

Fallout series, Fallout 3 in particular is my favourite of the series. I am just about to start another play through with mods based around Gophers play.
Gophers Gaming Mods Channel - YouTube --- Good guy

Mass effect Series. I enjoyed them all apart from the ending of ME 3 nuff said

Heroes and might and magic. This is series is defently a good play. Still in the middle of a replay of the campaigns

Skyrim, just started a playthrough again based upon gophers play.

Borderlands 2.... co-op, guns and violence nuff said

My most recent game Tomb raider far exceeded any expectations. 22 hrs of scrambling and making my rig work harder than running crysis 3. Best game i have played since skyrim.
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Old 12th April 2013, 04:41 PM   #49 (permalink)
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All Elder Scrolls games.

Most Final Fantasy games.

Also enjoyed some of the older poke'mon games when I was younger.

What can I say, an RPG that requires strat' and has a level-up system for lots of different things to reflect your dedication.
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