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Old 1st April 2013, 09:59 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default The Big Blue (sequal to Ecco The Dolphin)

Do any of the "Older" Gamers here remember Ecco The Dolphin?
I played it waaaay back on my Sega Megadrive and loved it to bits

Now the original creators of that game are busy with a sequal to it called "The Big Blue"
The Big Blue, an underwater adventure game by Ed Annunziata — Kickstarter

I have backed this project on Kickstarter because I have fond memories of playing Ecco the Dolphin and would love to have another go with it with the current hardware available.

It's still in the kickstarter phase though so no guarentees that it will actually become a reality. But who knows, they might get enough support
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I'm not "older" but I remember playing Eco on my Sega. Never was one of my faves, but still wasted a lot hours on it though. Sounds kind of weird, but I suppose there were some real fans of the series, me however I am still trying to remember who in the world got me Eco now...

Also don't get the whole animals evolving because no humans, some of the best marine animals haven't evolved in a long long time. Only thing that would force an evolve in most of them now would be humans changing things...
"Keep a cool head and maintain a low profile. Never take the lead - but aim to do something big." Deng Xiaoping
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Doesn't look like this one is going to get funded...
It's only on $47.500 of their $665.000 goal with 19 days to go.

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