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Default New Vegas Video Gameplay Series

Hi chaps!

Just started a gameplay series for New Vegas and thought maybe a few people here might be interested.

The series is to have a casual and relaxed feel about it. I'm not at all attempting a speedrun or using any cheats/hacks. I do have a few mods installed but purely to increase the games reliability, rather than add silly neon, doodle shaped weaponry.

720/1080p is available, no terrible distorting sounds or weird technical issues.

Character Creation & Introduction:

Episode 1:

Thanks guys.
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Awesome will check it out tonight
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I've replayed that game sooooo many times that the intro just bores me... but I'll give your second video a shot tomorrow.
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I'll watch this. I played the hell out of Fallout 3, but never got that far into New Vegas.
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Old 31st July 2013, 07:32 PM   #5 (permalink)
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Might give your episode 1 a go when I get time. Started to watch the character creation one but rapidly got bored having gone through the same intro several times myself.

Certainly better than my attempts so far.
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Sarsaparilla is terrible. I grabbed NV on the summer sale...just made onto the strip yesterday. Good work on the video's your narration style reminded me of Mystery Science theatre 3000.

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Originally Posted by hadrian6616 View Post
Mystery Science theatre 3000.
I actually have no idea what that is, but I'll boot up youtube and check it out.

While I'm at it; Some new episodes up.

I shant bump anymore. It makes me feel dirty! Let this thread fall into the depths of nothingness!
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