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Default Need for Madness: Multiplayer

I'm not sure if less known Java games are allowed for discussion in this section, don't kill me if they aren't.

Anyway, Need for Madness is a cartoonish little car game made in Java with 2 aspects: racing (reaching all the checkpoints in a race before anyone else) and wasting (crashing into opponents' cars and damaging them).

The game started out in 2004 (Need for Madness 1), then came Need for Madness 2 in 2010 and now since 2011 we also have Need for Madness Multiplayer!

To race, you have to make stunts in the air (rollspins, backflips, frontflips, etc) to gain power so your car would go faster, and for wasting you have to crash your opponents until they have reached full damage and burst into flames. The Multiplayer version has 27 stages (stages from NFM1 and NFM2) + 5 stages designed just for Multiplayer. There are 16 cars to choose from.

The game is also highly customizable, meaning you can make your own cars and stages to use in Multiplayer, for that the game has the Car Maker (which works by coding coordinates for each point to make a car piece) and Stage Maker (drag-and-drop). People who still have the offline versions of NFM1 and NFM2 also make their own versions of the game, modifying/adding cars and stages, modifying the interface and making changes to the Java engine.

The Multiplayer version includes features like Clans (teams for competitive gameplay), Friends List, Private Messaging and a chatbox in both the game lobby and in-game interface. The game is still in its Beta phase so there is a lot more to come.

Here are some screenshots of Single Player:

There's also Multiplayer;

There are loads of videos available on YouTube, you can look them up by searching Need for Madness Multiplayer.

Here is the link to the game - Car Games - Need for Madness Multiplayer - 3D car racing game!
You can try out the game by making a free Trial Account and play 1 game per day for free, if you want custom content, clans, unlimited games etc. you can purchase the game for 1 year for $12, but if you want an account that never expires, there's an option for a $32 payment for permanent access.

There are also highly active forums and such for people who are highly interested in the game, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to advertise other forums.

I suggest you take a look at the game, I myself have spent around 1000+ hours in playing over 2 years.
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