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Old 21st August 2014, 06:32 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Cool Path of Exile * New* Ladder out today

today in a few hrs the path of exile new 3 month ladders are out .
these 2 new ladders are going to rock
the hard core one is going to rock
there will be portals spawning if u kill the spawns more portals spawn for a few waves of mobs and finaly a Raid boss will spawn !!!!
remember hardcore = 1 life to live

standard will have the more mobs u kill back to back in a set time limit the more exp u get so a aoe build will be a fast leveler

after 3 months they are switching

there is a * NEW* skill tree so old builds will not cut it every one will have a respect
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Worst raid mob in POE = desync...

I've been playing an ultra-defensive orientated build called "Sovyn's Lazy Pally" which is perfect for hardcore, and had 3 pallies killed at various points due to desync.

Nothing else, including Vaal/Piety/Dominus came close to killing me (I've made it to merciless with 2 of my pallies). All died to rare mobs and multiple desyncs...

So I've sworn off hardcore until it's addressed...

Asmodai aka Saviourself aka Stabbitha aka Azshadoria... or Azsh... Azshaz?
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War Thunder
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The new Leagues are good at times, just at the end of them it is a pain to make room in you stash for the new items you have to transfer

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