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Default POE Patch notes

Version 1.2.0c
General Changes:
Vaal Burning Arrow now does 160% of attack damage, up from 130%. This fixes an accidental reduction of skill damage that occurred during the Burning Arrow change in 1.2.0.
Fixed an issue where some breeds of Sand Spitters were in the wrong areas.
Removed packs of statues and replaced them with other monsters. Statues should now only appear on plinths.
Undying Incinerators, Undying Alchemists, Hulking Titans and Ruined Titans now appear in smaller numbers.
Added support for Japanese Yen via Steam.

Fixed an issue where Daily missions did not have the same level and area restrictions as missions in the wild.
Various fixes and changes have been made to Haku rockfall missions.
Various changes have been made to Haku missions involving shocked ground.
Added a cooldown to the corpse devour used by Twisted Chimeral in a Tora mission.
Rotting Mummies in the Catarina mission will now correctly use their Chaos Damage Over Time aura.
Fixed an issue with Caterina's missions impacting the remaining monster count.
Fixed an issue where Vagan gave the wrong dialogue for missions.
We have added more time to be able to defeat Vagan in timed duels.
Vagan's companions now only occur as a mission variation at higher levels.
Fixed an issue where Vagan's allies would count towards the monster count of an area.
Reduced the damage of Raging Spirits used by Necromancers in Elreon missions.
Increased the variety of Elreon missions used in daily missions when Elreon is level 2.
Corrected the temporary name of the chest in a Vorici mission.
Reduced the damage of the hostage in Vorici hostage missions.
Fixed various issues with blocking terrain in missions.
Various other small changes and corrections have been made to missions.

Hideouts and Crafting:
Players can now sell items to the vendors in other players' Hideouts.
Players can now only enter Map Device portals in a Hideout if they're in the owner's party.
Various changes have been made to crafting costs. They have mostly been lowered.
Fixed an issue where percentage defences mods could be doubled up on crafted items. Existing items with this issue have had their invalid crafted mod removed.
Fixed an issue where Elreon would sell the wrong types of armour when he was in a Hideout.
When you move a master with open portals, the portals now move with the master.
Fixed an issue with crafting tables not updating when items were left in them.

Beyond Balance:
We have removed speed and resistance auras from Beyond demons.
We have slightly reduced the chance of Beyond portals spawning in Cruel, Merciless and end-game Maps.
Fixed an issue where Worshipper of Bameth and Hand of Na'em did not use the skills that they were intended to have (Flicker Strike and Tornado Shot).

Bug Fixes:
Fixed an issue where sounds could become very loud.
Fixed a bug where double clicking to enter a Hideout would cause a client crash.
Fixed a bug where returning projectiles could not be seen by other players.
Fixed an issue where the corrupted side area in the crossroads would not spawn.
Fixed an issue where Stormcloud Arctic Armour would not appear.
Fixed a large gap in the world in The Broken Bridge.
Fixed an instance crash related to hideout vendors.
Fixed an instance crash with Vagan.
Fixed an instance crash related to Haku and Tora side areas.

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Default Update 1.2.1

We've deployed Content Update 1.2.1. Its patch notes have been posted here. As well as many small changes, we've added a set of five new Level 8 crafting mods. These mods are different to anything else in the game currently, as they affect the rules of what mods can be added or changed on an item. We've also introduced three new microtransactions: The Formosan Bear Pet, Steam-powered Portal effect and Hussar Wings. Enjoy!

"The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance."

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From what I have heard - Unless there is another patch changing master xp then none of us are seeing level 8 now.
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