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Resize avatar please Warbear!
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i actually tried removing it

will do a new one - sorry

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Well, next RedMan game is Saturday night
Party consists of
Dvan (non TOG guy) : Barbarian
Aletyafdklja (non TOG guy with a hard name) : Ranger
Tarj (Warbear) : Mage
RedMan : Cleric/fighter

We're down Warbear possibly and the party NEEDs a thief, damn indestructable objects that are trapped.

Game starts 9-10pm AEDT, if your joining in give prewarning cause you'll have to level up, preferably want you ready at 9:30 so you'd have to be on before then.
We use RW for talk (Rojer Wilco, just www.google.com it if you don't know it).

Cailiths server is full I believe and not taking any on.
But, if you want interest then speak up, cause currently we don't play on week nights, found that long stints were alot of fun compared to a short one, actually don't think we've tried a short one yet

If you don't want to play often, just mention your times, and start a new thread, team up with someone for a night for perhaps a couple of hours.

Recommend you follow the Modules recommendations for player limits.
http://nwvault.ign.com/Files/modules/ has modules, there is a Hall of Fame that has MP modules in it which we haven't played yet.

The next bout of new modules will probably be in 4 weeks.
So prep if you wanna join in then.
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Old 5th February 2003, 10:34 AM   #14 (permalink)
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I don't know about 4 weeks there...

There's apparently 16 levels of dungeon in the Eye of the Beholder module. I think both servers managed about 1.5 levels. So at a rate of 1.5 levels per week it would take us anywhere in the vicinity of 10-11 weeks to complete... if we complete it at all, not like the effin' Raven module.
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My next game is tomorrow night (Saturday 8th Feb 2003) starting at 9:00pm AEDT (8pm for us QLD'ers).

We have a spot for a wizard tomorrow night as ours is unavailable this week if someone would like to fill in for a week.

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Possibly open a topic there Cailith?
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