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morte' 11th February 2003 11:54 AM

[DONE] [DONE] Private Servers ?
Hi all,

Sorry in advance here - bit of a N00b t o NWN multiplayer. All I've ever done is download modules from NWNVault and played them, and had a go at that damn boring and impossible to get anywhere thing that GameAreana runs.

So whats the go with private servers? Are these just run with a DM and players or are they worlds like the gamearena one? How do I get into some local Aussie ones (Umm I guess read the forums here eh doh!) Anyone want a newbie nwn player? (very experienced in the pen and paper version of D&D - just not so much the NWN version 8) )....


Derelict 11th February 2003 12:42 PM

What we've been doing since the game came out last year, was play it multiplayer. We've never played the game SP.

Currently we've got two private servers running concurrently the Eye of the Beholder v1.1 module. We haven't yet ventured onto any public servers as we haven't had a big enough crew to require it.

One server is full, a second has a spot open. I don't know how invitations work.

MP is definitely more fun than SP.

We play almost like pen and paper AD&D. Voice comms are supplied through Roger Wilco, and one of us servers that. The only difference is that you actually see what you imagined what was happening.

RedMan 11th February 2003 01:22 PM

Yay, new player.
If you played the old Pen and Paper your gonna get hooked on MP ;)
OK, at the moment the general people you see in the Sticky play weekly.
Cailith you can see as a server and myself. Both of us are playing EOTB and aren't too far into it.
My party consists of a Mage, Cleric, Barbarian, and a Ranger. We'd love a thief to do some scouting and fixing up traps.

Normal server time is 9:00 - 1:00 AEDT on either a Friday or Saturday night. Though lately we've been finishing round 12:30.
This week its on a Friday night.
The games are fun, Warbear just recently joined in and still hits us with spells so don't worry bout being a newbie :mrgreen:, makes for some hilarious situations.
Join in if you can this Friday night, il email you details etc if you want. Also, if you don't want to do the weekly thing (suggest you try it though ;) ), there are some other players like MAD that are just taking up the EOTB module. He hasn't joined in the weekly's cause he usually is out on Friday or Sat nights. But he might be interested in a weeknight game.

Warbear.Prime 11th February 2003 05:24 PM


If you guys would stop running away into the middle of the baddies, you wouldn't cop the FBs!

I played P&P DnD for nearly 20 years now, and I love NWN. Mainly 3rd ed rules, with some things missing (like teleport spells!)

There is also a persistent world being created by me for us to train and practice in, without effecting any of the games we happen to be playing in at the time.

If you are interested in jumping on, search out my post with details.

Jump in RW and yell for me, and if I am here will jump in and join ya.

morte' 11th February 2003 11:51 PM

Hmmm Friday night this week - I might be able to make it (hmm will have to wine, dine, and get the missus off to bed first - being Valentines day and all heheh - I'll feed her some red wine - that always knocks her out 8) ). Ok I am happy to play a thief - what sort fo level character? Lvl 1 or can I bring my big thief in (umm I think he is maxxed out in levels - and some of the levels are fighter)... but am happy to start a 1st lvl if need be.

Can you send me the details?

RedMan 12th February 2003 12:08 AM

send em tomorrow
Generally your thief will come in at our level
A temporary DM will boost you up, and hopefully we can afford some items for ya :)

Basically at the start of a module we start at the recommended level (usually 1), then advance as the module lets us.

Will sort you out in the email :mrgreen:

Derelict 12th February 2003 01:44 AM

Yep. With larger and larger parties, it gets harder to handle a regular game without anyone missing out on a game each week.

When there were 4 of us, it was a bit easier... when one of our players went and got married :roll: we actually stopped the game for the 3 weeks that he was not available. Considering the fact that I'm the brother and had the job of best man and was unavailable for 2 of those 3 probably also swung in the favour of halting the game temporarily.

The built in campaign storyline was a lot of fun for us so I personally was very happy to hold off till we had all 4 of us crew together again to play through. I don't think we actually ever went through one session where any of the 4 of us couldn't make it.

The second module (Raven) was a bit different. We got 2 additional players and the module wasn't all that good for MP, so missing a week here or half a session there wasn't fussed over by anyone. We'd also had a dedicated DM to XP bump us up to the same level as everyone else.

Same goes for this EOTB module. People who miss a session simply joins back in and someone logs in as the Dunge OngMaster and XP bumps you. Items you either get off your party members or make do as the module progresses.

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