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Exclamation Server - Possible Changes, what do you think?

Posted further down, but most people wont notice it.. Quoting it here.
Originally Posted by Harrowed View Post
Well Oxide updated to 1.8.x, and quickly followed up with 2 Patches to fix a few things, BUT it gives us so many more hooks to use and can add our own Death messages etc

I think we'll stay with Oxide.

THAT being said... I want to put forward to all TOG'ers a possible skew of the server.
And No, just because I put this forward don't think you guys don't have any input.

I would like to change the server to a real survivor server.
No Military weapons or Kevlar apart from Airdrops, no Shotgun/M4 Ammo, possibly no 9mm ammo/revolver as we can't change it to handmade shells, Explosive Charges or Grenades. Ammo for Military weapons wont drop from Mobs so the ammunition you get will be mostly used up on raids.

I really don't know how this would effect people's enjoyment levels but it will stop hackers and make griefing so much harder.

Death Messages seems to be high on most people's list at the moment too.

Is there any other ideas or thoughts on the above?
So streamline-servers, our current host, has given everyone the option of LeatherLoader that will give us a different kind of modding option, and a great deal more hooks into which we can mod.

Currently we're using Rust Oxide but it's VERY limited on what we can do and development is a pain to deal with the limited Event hooks etc.
- With the following Plugins, Teleport to Co-ordinates, FixYourName, AutoMessage, Groups, Private Messaging, Crafting Controller, Loot Spawn Lists, Oxmin, Door Sharing.

Developer of LeatherLoader had DropParty - Changes Drop rates from Zombies etc.
Rust Essentials - But ultimately it's just quick replacement for console rcon commands. No Door Sharing yet in it.

Limited Sleepers - No combat logging, goto sleep for 15 mins and your body will be removed... This one I actually kind of like but it would need a group YEY/NAY.

GroupGate - Currently outdated as the Developer had a temporary forum ban, but will be back anyday and become LeatherLoader 1.1 compatible.

Rust++ - Long list of features.. This one I love, and think we should use it along with some Admining Addon.
Originally Posted by http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1342369
Door sharing
Voice notifications
Broadcast PvP death messages
Chat history
Player list & online count
Private messaging system
Friend system
Starter kits
Admin loadouts
Permanent day/night settings
Message of the day
Server notices
Shutdown messages & auto save
Player join/leave notices
Voice proximity toggle
Auto saving
Admin announcements
Easier teleport commands
Structure Decay toggle
Display coordinates
Display ping
PvP, instacraft, sleepers etc can be modified & loaded from Rust++ config file


Player Commands

/share playername (shares your doors with a player) - no more quotes!
/unshare playername (unshares your doors with a player) - no more quotes
/help (Shows commands)
/pm "playername" "message" (private messages a player. MUST BE USED IN QUOTES)
/r message here (quick reply to last PM)
/history (Shows chat history, last 6 messages by default)
/players (Shows online players)
/location (Shows the coordinates of the player)
/ping (shows latency between client and server)
/starter (gives a configurable starter kit)
/friends (shows your friends list)
/addfriend playername (adds a player to your friends list)
/unfriend playername (removes a friend)
/about (shows server mod version)

/announce message here (ADMIN ONLY - announces a message to the server)
/tphere playername (ADMIN ONLY - teleports a player to you)
/tpto playername (ADMIN ONLY - teleports you to a player)
/loadout (ADMIN ONLY - spawns you an admin loadout set in the config file)

Admin Console commands (F1) (must be logged in as admin to use these commands)

rustpp.day (turns the server to daytime)
rustpp.night (turns the server to nighttime)
rustpp.shutdown (Starts a automated server shutdown process, with messages and auto saving)
What do you guys think?

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I think it looks good, if it give you admin guys more help all the better. Will it entail a server wipe? And when the world is reset in a wipe do we retain any blueprints learnt or are they gone along with gear and structures?
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I'm doubting we'll drop Oxide atm.. .Just had a preview of the new Hooks in next build of Oxide.. I'm in LURVE...

Already writing an Admin kit command that stores your current location and equipment, empties your backpack and then loads you up with Invisible clothing When done Admin'ing Teleport you back, revert your backpack etc

BAM.. Done.
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I'll take a suit of invisible clothing also please

I like the sound of this...

Broadcast PvP death messages

and this...

Limited Sleepers - No combat logging, goto sleep for 15 mins and your body will be removed...

The limited sleepers gets a YAY vote for me lol
it at least means when you log off you can keep yourself and some of your gear safe.
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1+ to Rust++
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Limited Sleepers and PvP Death messages would be amazing. Friends list... meh? but handy i suppose?

I dont like the option of display coords I think it will make it too easy then, I like having to figure out where the hell I am when I get lost lol
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Old 17th January 2014, 09:26 PM   #7 (permalink)
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/location for players = very very bad!!
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Like the idea limited sleepers but location for players, hell no!!!!
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Great changes. /location for friend would be great. The ts message I'm getting shot, where by the boulders? This feature should allow help to get there faster.
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I liked the sound of Rust++ until i read the features they are still to add.


Server Moderator system & permissions
Configurable chat filter
Kick/ban system
But yes, the current Mod is good so far. What we need to talk about doing is working on the actual community workings on the server. Seems the Admins are hampered to do their job as they can't first person view players to 100% verify cheaters. If they base a ban off reasonable belief, they get so much backlash from the banned players friends about Admin abuse.

Most importantly though are the TOG abusers, players that join the server and abuse the TOG name and last night a player went as far as calling all the admins idiots for turning off a feature.
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