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Default Being a server admin

I was curious about buying my own server and whether this is something anyone can do, even if they aren't much of a techie?

Is it a complicated thing involving lots of computer science stuff? I'd love to have a server but I'm wondering if maybe I'd be out of my depth with all that?

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Hey Barc

Depending on who you buy the server off is the level of involvement. Streamline has good functionality, easy to use and can be as simple or complicated as you want. Standard setup of Rust server you can run and not make any changes too, just run the original game files and update as required. For those more savvy you can get into the files and make changes to the base level including loot, day/night times etc etc etc

It really is what you want it to be ..simple...tech charged... its all in your hands

Best wishes

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Also they've added FTP access! YES! FINALLY! Mind you; I don't even play Rust anymore
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