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Drac 2nd June 2009 05:13 AM

Left 4 Dead 2 *NOV-09*
Saw a trailer for LFD2 during the live stream on Microsoft's E2 keynote, it closed with a November 17 date, and a chainsaw!. :eek:

Lots of details and you can watch the trailer here: Left 4 Dead 2 High Definition Trailer Released - Voodoo Extreme

Rog69 2nd June 2009 05:41 AM

Sounds great, L4D is one of my all time favourite games.I really didn't expect this so soon, after all Valve have only just finished the first game. Did they say which year the November 17th would feature in? We are talking about Valve after all. :)

There is a bit more info over here - E3 2009: Left 4 Dead 2 Announced! 4 New Survivors, 5 New Campaigns | Maximum PC

Drac 2nd June 2009 06:30 AM


Originally Posted by Rog69 (Post 2366344)
Did they say which year the November 17th would feature in? We are talking about Valve after all. :)

Nope, the year was suspiciously missing, but lets face it, they have the core game-play down, the mechanics, the AI director, the hoards and all the other tech they spent working into the game. Another 4 campaigns + melee weapons is mostly a content creation issue for them, and they haven't announced anything since Left 4 Dead so a November 17 2009 date seems about right. They have been releasing during the x-mas season yearly since Episode 1 (2006), Orange Box (2007) Left 4 Dead (2008 ), Left 4 Dead 2 in 2009 would be par for the course.

And yeah, the trailer was defiantly in the bright and sunny day time, they made sure you could see all the details of the zombies in full sunlight, no subtle hints there, and there was a very obvious focus on melee weapons in that trailer, I recall a fire axe and possibly a baseball bat or lump of wood or something, and a new type of special infected too and a new set of survivors, I wasn't paying that much attention to be honest, it didn't looks like Left 4 Dead at all, too bright, and the chainsaw and stuff was shown before it said Left 4 Dead 2 and I was like, no way!.. damn stream, can't rewind!

As soon as a find a copy of the trailer I'll put in a link in my opening post.

Ned 2nd June 2009 01:14 PM

about time we had a chainsaw to play with :mrgreen:

Steam News 01-June-09 | Valve Announces Left 4 Dead 2

Sounds great but It feels a little early in my opinion. The SDK isn't even out in it's entirety for the original yet plus an expansion for L4D could have given the game more life as well. The Lobby and server setup could also do with some work before they release a sequel.

BUT, either way I'd say I'll still get it which is the whole point to these guys I suppose :)

Reoh 2nd June 2009 03:22 PM

Actually a better lobby/hosting/matchmaking system might be worth it.... LOL :D

Rog69 2nd June 2009 04:52 PM

So I wonder if they still plan on supporting L4D1 with DLC and other fixes now that they have announced the sequel so soon after? I've had my moneys worth out of the first game but I understood that there was more to come and don't feel as though it's been supported by Valve as well as it could have been, especially when you compare it to the support they have given TF2, which they have always seemed quicker to fix and is still getting free content updates after 2 years +.

Reoh 2nd June 2009 05:29 PM

A lot of people are suggesting that it won't, but I haven't seen anything definative to say so. Hopefully it still will be. :)

Rog69 2nd June 2009 06:04 PM

I wonder if there is any more news to come from Valve? An orange box type release with HL2E3, Portal 2 and L4D2 would be a very nice early Christmas present :)

Reoh 2nd June 2009 10:08 PM

Maybe they're setting up for an L4D box? :p

It would be good to find out if the L4D and L4D2 were the same or different production teams, would speak worlds to the future development of the games.

Drac 2nd June 2009 10:56 PM

I'd say they'll keep the features for both games in sync. This is valve we're talking about. They're probably only releasing it as L4D2 because it might be problematic to release so much content as a download over Xbox Live. Some 360 consoles don't have HDDs remember.

Although, with the SDK it'll be interesting to see what they do with L4D1, I mean, what's to stop people from ripping out the L4D1 campaigns and making them available in L4D2?

That's my main concern, as a player I'd like to have access to content from both games without having to jump back and forth. I'm not at all upset about having to pay another $60 for a new take on it all, I've gotten way more out of L4D than many other things I've dropped that much money on and I've no doubt L4D2 will satisfy just as well.

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