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Ned 13th June 2009 12:01 AM

All Aspect Warfare
All Aspect Warfare

Air combat and first/third person shooter.

- massive open world -
- singleplay -
- 4 player co-op -
- multiplay, 32 player support and five modes -
- dedicated server support -

(see above link)

The demo contains the following features:

Single Player
No Story (a.k.a campaign) mode. No freeform sandbox mode.
x03 (of six) playable careers (Mobile Infantry Marine, Elite Force Marine, Elite Force Pilot)
x02 (of many) first person weapon profiles per career
x02 aerial combat Instant Action scenario (Elite Force Pilot)
x02 first person combat Instant Action scenario (Mobile Infantry Mairne, Elite Force Marine)

Includes the stand-alone dedicated console server
x06 playable careers (x3 Terran, x3 Gammulan)
x02 (of many) first person weapon profiles per career
x02 (of five) gameplay modes (Deathmatch)
x02 Deathmatch scenarios (16 players)

Reoh 13th June 2009 04:01 PM

Looks like some sort of full battlefield RPG game with a futuristic sci-fi theme. From all their talk of 'classes' I'm wondering if you have to level up each individually or not. I've stuck with infantry only FPS to date, so I'm also wondering about how combat between someone in a fighter jet vs a grunt on the ground is going to go too... heh.

Spectre8 13th June 2009 07:55 PM

Internode have a heap of screenies and video's on their mirror - and I've got to say, it doesn't do it for me. While I can appreciate that spartan visuals allow for much larger playing worlds, and simplistic movements allow for greater precision... it looks like there are compromises on every level, and seems that a few of the "features" either serve no purpose, or just don't work.

Fully demolishable buildings mean next to nothing if they serve no purpose, can't be entered, and create no obstacles as a result - it appears to be a gimmick.

Anyway - I'm all for smaller teams trying to make something for themselves, but there's a reason the big-league players struggle to get it right. Oh - I dare you to watch the flight training video... listen to one of the developers "selling" the game! :D It really is quite funny!

Reoh 13th June 2009 09:30 PM

I tend towards the partially destructable environments option as a preference. that way you can still guide and shape the map without it turning to complete rubble, while giving the option to blow up some things, or extra avenues to traverse across the map.

Genghoidal 15th June 2009 09:57 PM

I watched a video from the iiNEt or 3fl download mirror recently and wondered....

ARE YOU SERIOUS this is a modern game?

it looked like a stripped down version of planetside.... well the very simplistic graphics.. without the cool equipment and just basically really really basic and naff graphics!!

Not bad ideas some of them... but make it look like a real world.. not just 15 minutes of running across a plain whilst 5 bots follow you and you exchange some fire between and then jump in a gargantuan vehicle and escape to a safe distance.....!>?3?$ 303.. your thoughts?

Ned 22nd June 2009 08:04 PM

Demo Patch released.

- Minor tweak to NPC marine target acquisition
- Beam turrets now have friendly fire avoidance

- potential crash caused by new nav meshes
- minor tweak and fix when vehicles collide against support structures.

* Generated new nav meshes for buildings (barracks, starbases) with internal levels.
* Added Instant Action scenarios IA0111, IA0112, IA0113, IA0114

-see link top post-

Ned 4th August 2009 12:36 PM

Pre-order on Steam now.
Steam | Package: All Aspect War Pack

Reoh 4th August 2009 03:41 PM


Originally Posted by Ned (Post 2452084)
Pre-order on Steam now.
Steam | Package: All Aspect War Pack

Pretty sweet deal, and fairly cheap too!

Ned 18th August 2009 01:39 PM

Package: All Aspect War Pack

Released :)

Spectre8 18th August 2009 01:57 PM

Has anyone tried this, and more importantly - does anyone like it??

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