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Rickety 3rd March 2003 11:48 AM

[SOF2] GA Ladder?
Do we have enough players to start on the ladder yet ?

Mad 3rd March 2003 12:58 PM

Yes. We have 6 people in the registered on the GA ladder, and we could challenge another team.

Everyone please respond to the following questions:

1. Are you ready for a ladder match? or would you prefer to organise training session on one of the Game Create server?

2. What's your preferred day?

3. What's your preferred time?

4. What are your preferred maps?

EnglishBob 3rd March 2003 01:10 PM

My 2 cents worth ....

It may be better to book a game on one of the servers, and have a practice as a team first. It would also give us the opportunity to informally have a game with another clan and maye pick up some tactics / tips for clan play. I'm assuming it is a little more structured than the free for all that playing on the pubs is.

I am away from this Thursday through to next Monday afternoon , but other than that can play anytime over next 2 weeks.

Rickety 3rd March 2003 01:40 PM

I think we should start as soon as posible. What better practice is there than an actual game?

I mean, we ARE TOG, it's not like we are going to win anyway ... :)

I have no map preference as I do not really know the names and any time is fine.

Mad 3rd March 2003 01:45 PM

ROFL ... SOF2 server is quite busy at the moment. They are using the 1 server for ladder matches as well as GameCreate games.
The problem is we cant book more than 3 days in advance.

I have made a booking for Wed 5th March 11:30pm AEDT (check the calendar), this may be impossible for the Victorians :oops:
I might make another booking tonight after 12:00am AEDT, and see if I could find a better time slot.

Father 3rd March 2003 07:24 PM

Once you guys start the ladder and come up with tactics and stuff it would be good to have a private forum.

On your signal Mad!

Bennett 3rd March 2003 08:21 PM

I with Rickety on this one. I'm pretty crap anyways so I don't mind whether it's a live game or another practice. I don't really know any of the new maps too well but I'm always up for a challenge. Any time is fine for me ... well anytime except for when 24, The Bachelor, Joe Millionaire or Survivor are on. :P

Father 3rd March 2003 08:33 PM

Yeah get in there guys! Not sure but some of you ppl may not have played any ladder matches yet.

Even if it's a loss, hang on, despite the loss (sounds better) you will have gotten a good feel of the adrenaline rush that comes with competion. Great fun!
And that is what will give you the drive to make the next game a win!

Bennett 4th March 2003 10:10 PM


Originally Posted by Father
Even if it's a loss, hang on, despite the loss (sounds better) you will have gotten a good feel of the adrenaline rush that comes with competion. Great fun!

I'm glad you understand ... wouldn't want to disappoint the Father. :P

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