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Default What is your Favourite ARMA kit?

I have of late been playing around with my kits and have found that being an Engineer, with DMR (6x Mags), SMAAW (3x HEDP) and pistol is the best kit for me.

I have found that using the HEDP rounds for the SMAAW is better than the AA rounds because it causes the AI to evacuated the vehicle but doesn't destroy it. You pluck off the crewmen, fix the tank/apc/ifv and then steal it! You can then cruise about in their vehicle and get nice and close to the AI and hose them down.

Whats your favourite?

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I haven't play enough multiplayer to have a "favourite" weapon, but in most FPS games I'm always a fan of the G-36. And that started when I was "introduced" to the weapon in OFP.
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