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Default TOG-made maps/mods/movies discussion

Tell us about the maps, mods or movies you have made for any PC shooter here!

for maps/mods, list game, short description, required game version, possible changelog etc etc

Provide details in this thread or feel free to create a new thread in this forum (or link to somewhere else with the details).

Please let me know of any TOGgers who may not visit this public area who have work out there so I can contact them!

I'll create a master thread with full details. This thread will have a list and brief details and be stuck and locked. This thread, and others, will be where discssuions can take place.

indexed list

>> TOG-made maps/mods/movies for PC shooters <<

Games include:

ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead
Battlefield 2
Battlefield 2142
Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Call of Duty: United Offensive
Call of Duty 2
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood
Combat Arms
Counter-Strike: Source
Day of Defeat: Source
Doom 3
Enemy Territory
Far Cry
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Breakthrough
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
Return to Casltle Wolfenstein
Team Fortress 2
Unreal Tournament 2004

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Did a lot of stuff for doom back in the day and has a fairly popular mod out for it, was on a few magazine CDs too but haven't really done anything since. Played around with hammer for Counter Strike a fair bit and I've done some basic L4D stuff but nothing of finished quality that I'd ever put up online.
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I've done a conversion on one of the Valve original maps for Team Fortress 2. Here is the public version, without the TOG branding on FPS Banana called 2Fort Multipath. A bit un-imaginative, but there you go . Although, if you decide to play on the TOG server, then its a slightly different version called TOG Fort. here is the thread on it.
Here is a pic of the public version:

I must pay tribute to the guys & gals over on the TF2 forums, they have given me so much support and help!

There is another map in the works, original work this time, not a conversion. Its still in very early stages, and not playable yet.

Game: Team Fortress 2 (Valve)

Description: Conversion of valve's ctf_2fort into a multi path payload map. You, or your enemies for that matter, can change the carts path to the objective. Deliver the bomb cart to the Red fort command centre!

Game version: game auto updated via Valve's Steam (DRM)

Change log: well... deleted the ctf components, added payload components, broke it, fix it, did some more which broke it again. gave up, came back to it, fixed it. got help, finished it, did more to it, broke it agian, patched it up and sent it out the door!

Anything else: Its not finished yet, and just last night, after weeks of running well, the cart spazed out, Valve may have changed something... GRRRR


P.S. great idea Neddie!!

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Well Done NAM!

This forum can also be used to request for beta testers for your projects.
(or feel free to create a seperate thread and I'll link it on the main one)
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Stay tuned for the addition of many TOG made shooter movies to this and the indexed list thread - here.

Movies from games including:

-Battlefield: Bad Company 2
-Combat Arms
-Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

plus more..

Made a shooter movie?
Know of a TOGger that's done so?

Post here! (or feel free to start a dedicated thread about it in this forum!)
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Added movies made by:

TOG The Omen

• BF 2142 Omen Style
• TOG Battlefield: Bad Company 2 promo movie
-The Omen's youtube page-

TOG Jakob_Pavlov

• Blaze of Glory (Battlefield 2)

TOG Kreed

• TOG Campaign 3 highlights (Day of Defeat: Source)


• FAIL-AIM TOG match highlight (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare)

TOG click

• COD 4 Clan Movie

TOG-made maps/mods/movies for PC shooters

More from others coming soon..

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