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up down up down left right left right aa bb a

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I cant see the fun in the editing either. Seems like something you would do once - watch all the pretty fireworks, and never do again.

I've heard a lot of people defend mods like the 1000 storage space slots - but even that doesnt seem to be playing the game the way it was designed. I know (oh boy I know) how hard it is to let that favourite weapon go, but you just have to do it. Its part of the game to force you to select and use your favourite dozen or so (and thats really pretty lenient).
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I don't even go looking for the chests in New Haven. I know they're around somewhere and apparently have cool stuff, but I prefer to have a fight my way to the goodies, it feels more rewarding that way.
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Originally Posted by Reoh View Post
I don't see the point of that either, I mean. How boring is it to just have an [I WIN] button?

My I win button is the guy at the keyboard!
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I used to suffer from "I must complete it 100% syndrome" and soon found myself playing games straight from guides and mods to better my situation ... that then lead me to "too many games syndrome" as I lost touch with what made me enjoy my gaming and soon the piles just got larger with no completion at all.

I have since recoved and found the core of my enjoyment once more, don't get me wrong I love a good mod; new maps or weapons (with in reason). However things that = Win are nasty and it may not be today or tomorrow but it will have an effect on your gaming enjoyment over time.

A good example (for those that play) is Dragon Age and re-spec of your character ... due to poor descriptions allot of us made bad choices regarding spells etc and yes I could load up a mod and re-spec my toon, but I sat there and looked at what was going on ... Am I having trouble with my choices? No, Am I stuck? No, Am I still loving the story and game play? Yes

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I remember looking at a Final Fantasy VII guide, just to figure out how to get passed the final guy because It'd been beating me for days. Thats when I discovered I'd gotten to content that I should'nt have been able to for about twice my level. =P

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Default Why are cheats in the game?

Why are cheats in the game?.
I was asked this question by my niece, many years ago and I answered that it was the codes put in at the time of development to allow them to test game levels, and that they did not remove them before shipping it.

Was this answer correct?, I don't know but it seemed like a reasonable answer at the time .
People say cheats should not be in games, I think they should for two reasons:
1. After you have finished the game without cheats , then you can play through again with cheats just for the hell of it and skip some annoying levels and yes every game has at least one .

2. There are some games that may be too hard for people, and after x amount of times trying to pass that section they give up in frustration and the game is never played again.
This is why difficulty levels have been put into a lot of games, but the developers have to walk a fine line by making a game challenging but not impossible (which causes frustration taking away the fun factor) and not too easy ( which will cause boredom taking away the fun factor). The section of the game may be too hard ie a section where a character might have to jump on platforms avoiding obstacles while trying to reach the exit within a certain time or they die. Then they might use a cheat to skip this level and play through to the end game without cheats.
The placement of some easter eggs may be only reachable when you use cheats.

I do not condone cheats in multiplayer games, these games come down to your own skill and knowledge of the levels (and your ping ), not against npc weighted towards the AI ie in RTS games where the enemy always seem to have more resources than what you do, and early ai rushes in the game before you have barely any resources to do anything.
I remember playing HL team fortress (first time I really played online fps) with a higher lag than the other players on the server ( me being in australia and them in america ), I would still get half the kills than the top player and still learnt alot (ie hop everywhere you went and watch out for red dots).

I have noticed the lack of cheats for a lot of the ps3 games, no button mashing in a short period of time to enable cheats or a cheat menu .

PC/Console game player.
Yes some games play better on console than pc and vise versa but a gamer is a gamer no matter what they use .
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cheating in single player is very different to cheating in MP. Single player cheats are for people to unlock the rest of the story if they cant beat it or if the gameplay is crap but they just want to know the storyline, or just for exploring to see what can be done in the game. MP cheats are vindictive and selfish, used to "enhance" your own experience at the cost of that of others. and i say enhance in quotes because it really doesnt. the reason for playing MP online is for the challenge because no matter how much effort the developers put in, playing against AI will never match the gameplay of playing against another human. Using cheats usually ruins this for everyone including the cheater because it takes the challenge out of it thus making the game intensely boring.

to stick with the diablo2 analogy used earlier. i once tried out item hacks to get the final piece of an elite set item i have been farming for ages. Once i got it, realising how much easier it was to just hack an item, i did it for more items to set up the perfect class. sure for the first hour it was fun, walking into hell mode baal and seeing it die from a single hit (which triggered every spell in the entire game at once), but being invincible took the fun out of the game because it was no longer challenging. when a good item drops, i no longer got the sense of satisfaction since it didnt matter anymore. so that character got reset to a copy from prior to the item hack and when i finally did beat baal in hell mode, even though it took a lot longer than 5seconds, it was much more enjoyable =]

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Originally Posted by tri23 View Post
Hopefully all those HEX editors script kiddies GenY'ers out there only need a little bit of time before they too learn what it means to be a gamer.

my 2c worth.
I am sure they only need a little more time to learn what it means to be a gamer, About the same time for the next generation after them to take the regins of cheating. Sadly we are always going to find ourselves steping out of games because of cheaters because there will never be an end to it.
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I modded my inventory in borderlands.

I did it because then I don't have to go back to town constantly. Running around the place bores me.

I cheat in lots of single player games, mostly because the gameplay gets old after a while (everything is just a rehash these days) so I just cheat to see how the story pans out.

But then, I spend 90% of my gameplay time in multiplayer, which is one thing I will never cheat in.
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