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Default TOGGLe (TOG Gaming League)

If you haven't already, check out this interview with our own Fox on The Older Gamers Gaming League!

Fox Interviewed on TOGGLe Feature | TOG - The Older Gamers

I'm hoping the TOGGLe site becomes a central focus for hundreds or thousands of gamers as we'll be able to offer gaming ladders to anyone free of charge on request. Gaming clans and fraternity's will be able to add an extra layer and depth to their gaming by requesting a ladder to be set up as they like it, with their own parameters,
I think the aspect of TOGGLe that has many TOG's excited is this ladder site can be set up and configured by request from anyone at no cost. Obscure and less popular games will have just as much emphasis as the mainstream chart toppers.
The long term vision is for TOGGLe to be a central focus for many gamers including players from other clans and gamers that are younger than 25 years old. There might be ladders that are exclusive to TOG members and ladders that are available to other clans on invitation only and I hope to see ladders that are open to the public.

The Older Gamers Gaming League v3.2
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