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Default [Borderlands] Pc or Xbox!?

Been thinking about buying this game but not sure if i should grab it for the xbox or PC! any pros or cons? Leaning towards the box. Cheers~
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Originally Posted by FlukeMasteR View Post
Been thinking about buying this game but not sure if i should grab it for the xbox or PC! any pros or cons? Leaning towards the box. Cheers~
The console versions (game, DLC, etc.) are released first, the user interface appears to be more console-oriented and console versions will probably have fewer multiplayer network glitches than the PC version, but according to Gearbox's CEO, the PC graphics are better (see quotes below).

I think most of the posters/players here are using the PC version - but if you're comfortable playing FPS games on the XBox, then that should be fine.

The biggest question is, will you be playing the game alone or with others? If alone, then get which ever version you're most comfortable playing. If you're planning to play the game with others (and most would probably advise you don't play it with random pubbers, at least from our experience), then just all get the game on the same platform.

Originally Posted by Randy Pitchford
The high-end PC version will feature the crispest image possible. Higher fidelity rendering of the content (including high resolution materials) is just one obvious advantage the PC version will have in terms of image quality.
cf. Borderlands: PC version with crispest image possible - Borderlands, interview, CEO, Randy Pitchford, details, release - PC Games Hardware

Originally Posted by Randy Pitchford
...on the other level I mean you will not get a better-looking image than in the PC version of the game. And when you’re playing a first-person shooter, the mouse and keyboard interface is still the best way to go. [...] But the PC version destroys all the console versions in terms of the image fidelity – assuming you have the hardware for it.
cf. RPS Interrogation: Randy Pitchford Vs The Fans | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
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I agree, the menu definately feels consolish but as for the gameplay... I can't fathom playing an FPS without a mouse.

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