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Reoh 21st January 2010 05:49 PM

[Borderlands] Not receiving GameRanger confirmation
Hey All,

I decided to try out that GameRanger matchmaking, given how much issues Borderlands has inherently with doing so, and installed it. I can reach the stage where it sends an email to confirm my account; but I don't receive the email. I've tried 2 different emails through my ISP, and then another gmail account and none of them have received the confirmation email it assures me has been sent (and will not continue without my clicking a link in them).

I've waited a couple days for these emails, which still haven't shown up (although murphy's law states that if I post this message they'll probably arrive en mass!). Did anybody else have this issue or have a suggestion for resolving it?

Firebrand 21st January 2010 06:58 PM

Perhaps they got caught in the spam filter.

Reoh 21st January 2010 07:17 PM

Yes FB, I thought it might be; but not at my end but the ISP's it seems. This is solved btw, with a little more patience. It did eventually get to my gmail account but not any of my ISP's ones. ;)

Better than that, I can host games etc through it again. No more dealing (read that as failing) with Gamespy. WIN!

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