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Old 10th February 2010, 11:19 AM   #11 (permalink)
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Yeah, the range on my "awful accuracy" double-anarchy x4 smg is something like +134%. Hahahah.

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Thanks for that info Fire, i did see the credits run when i did my first run through but i don't remember it asking anything, i will have to log in my first char and have a look and see if i can get it to go to playthrough2, if not my second char is lvl 34 and just about ready to do the final vault run.
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Ohit's not after the credits. It's when you try to play again. Pressing a button (not sure which) will interupt the rolling names so you can pick up the, oh so meager loot from the vault. And then you take the key back to the person who wants to study such things as a final quest. Only then are you truely done. When next you choose that Char, then you have the choice of Playthroughs.

Sorry, Clear as a mud in a beer bottle I'm sure.

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