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Default FPS meets RTS - Nuclear Dawn soon and remembering Natural selection

So was soothing my steam addiction by looking at upcoming releases, saw this on the distant horizon. Got me thinking about the combination of strategy and shooter and how much I used to love Natural Selection (mod for HL1). Being the commander and having a good team follow your every order was an amazing feeling, one ive not experienced in a game since.

I know NS2 is still very much in development and I welcome it with open arms (follow progress on twitter), im also aware of Savage and Savage2 which is now freeware - wasnt as keen on the whole fantasy environment but a pretty good game.

Was wondering what everyone else feels about the merging of both genres?

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Sounds kind of like a Fallout meets Savage/Natural Selection. That's something that works in my mind. Bit early to tell yet I guess. We'll need to wait til a bit closer to release and check out the previews, reviews and maybe a nice demo if we're lucky.

I've had fun with both NS and both Savages, and I've always loved the post apoc genre. I'll keep an eye on this. Thanks Mako!
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Cross-genre gaming is certainly gaining momentum!

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