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Ned 11th September 2010 11:22 AM

Section 8: Prejudice
TimeGate Studios have announced a full-fledged sequel to its 2009 sci-fi multiplayer-focused first-person shooter, Section 8.. Section 8: Prejudice

SECTION 8: PREJUDICE - Official Site

SOURCE: TimeGate holds Section 8: Prejudice - News at GameSpot

Some original Section 8 chat here - link -

Drac 11th September 2010 02:04 PM

Game was way too expensive on Steam when it was released so I never got it.

Snott 11th September 2010 04:19 PM

I loved Section 8, fast paced, choose where you spawn(drop) in, team based play but took no commitment to play casually and still have fun. Class customization was enough that you could tailor to your style. I purchased on steam, found out the game was basically dead when I got around to it, then steam had a sale within the next couple of weeks where I could have got it for half the price... fun times...

Having said that, I might just get this on release as long as it doesn't clash with anything else I'm waiting on, as I can't log into BC2 anymore for some reason and I liked the faster pace of Section8. Its like Unreal Tournament but I can actually be good at it lol - cause its not quite THAT fast. :D
If its like the original, it may not have a long life so I'll jump right in on release. It was the most fun I had in a shooter in along time, I want to make the most of it.

delushin 11th September 2010 08:42 PM

I tried to love it ... Had it as soon as it released and found next to no community (playing from AUS) maybe it needed more time and is thriving now?

Snott 12th September 2010 02:29 AM

its not, or wasn't when I last checked a few months back.
Beta it was, but I think it was more of an extra game for alot of people. They really enjoyed it but had enough other stuff that they didnt want to pay for it come release date.
I think the far nicer graphics in this latest one may sway a few people, the original looked a little dated already when it was released IMO.

Drac 13th September 2010 04:52 AM

Release price was $88 USD on Steam in Australia. For a new IP trying to pull market share from people who play $20 copies of CS:Source, TF2 and other well polished MP games it never really stood a chance.

Don't know what the publisher was thinking.

Snott 13th September 2010 09:04 AM

ugh. Couldn't remember why I didn't get it on release, that would have been why. Hopefully they don't make the mistake again, as I probably won't pay that for it.

flexx 22nd September 2010 11:14 AM

I got the first one on release and loved it but the lack of players was the killer for me. Hopefully this will fair a bit better.

Genghoidal 22nd October 2010 01:47 PM

Section 8 : Prejudice Beta
Hey all, around this time last year they released Section8 and we had heaps of guys playing in the Beta and was all sorts of awesome.

I didn't end up buying the game straight away cause I wanted to see how their launch went and the game price was way too high at first. I was well founded in waiting cause the game producers did not forsee the need to release free server software to game server hosters, instead they actually had to have a licensed copy of the game and basically the game which had stacks of potential went and died a quiet and miserable death. There were no aussie servers at launch and all the hosting mobs do not embrace games that require anything above the bare minimum server requirements (see lead and gold which required Video hardware in the server %$!? - which they have rectified)

I sent the game company my feedback and told them but it was too late. This lesson applies to all games really though. Your launch is where you decide your fate. Can't believe they released this fun, polished game and failed on the server side

Here's the beta announcement of their next edition:
Section 8: Prejudice beta incoming PC News - Page 1 |

I'm keen, cause it's fun and well going to have more than the original game. I ended up buying the original on steam for $20 earlier this year and have been only able to play on American servers with the 300 ping. It's not exactly the same as being right there with your mates on a level playing field...

Quick gist of the game is that you start in a dropship and choose where you want to literally drop out of orbit to. You fly down from the sky and apply your air brakes and land. You then want to secure as many objectives as possible per standard conquest BF style. Additionally throughout the game, side missions are launching for both teams and the map alerts you to where the targets are and how much time you have to complete the task or block the enemy from doing it. Your powered suit is capable of going into an overdrive mode which enables you to run at super speed across the map also (which is just plain awesome btw) and of course you have a jetpack. A good selection of weapons and good production values... oh and if you kill people and complete mission objectives you build up resources to call down from orbit all kinds of support devices, machine gun turrets, ammo and health stations, rocket turrets, mech Walkers and tanks

I'm sure they will build on all that.. but will they screw up the launch again... ?

Actually i may just see if I can get a server for the original game.... yet

theZee 22nd October 2010 02:23 PM

Count me in Geng :D - the game was a blast in beta, too bad they went and poo-pooed it on release.

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