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Default Project Reality 0.957 (Modification for Battlefield 2)

Hey all,

New version of Project Reality just got released for Battlefield 2.

For a quick run down for those that don't know it has been developing since 1994 (I think)
It is a full military simulator on the lines of Armed Assault.

Give it a go if you have Battlefield 2 still. Not long till 0.1 (and let us hope the finally add the Aussies in it

- New Features and Changes in 0.95

* 3D Scopes for all Handheld Scoped Weapons
* Underslung Grenade Launchers with Adjustable Range
* Deployable Mortars
* 2D Marker System
* Overhauled Commander UAV System
* Thermal Imaging for Ground and Air Vehicles
* Close Support Bridges
* New German Faction
* Over 10 New Vehicles and Over 40 New Weapons!
* New Custom Kit Geometries for Nearly 7 Factions!
* 4 New Maps: Burning Sands, Iron Eagle, Kokan and Wanda Shan

Link is below of there main site for alot more information ,pretty pictures and vids

Project Reality : Realistic Gaming Redefined
http://www.theoldergamers.com/forum/image.php?type=sigpic&userid=3602&dateline=1397568  442

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Thanks for the info, it's great to see this mod is still active
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Originally Posted by Ned View Post
Thanks for the info, it's great to see this mod is still active
Yes and not far till version 1. Now they are working also the modification for Armed Assault 2.
http://www.theoldergamers.com/forum/image.php?type=sigpic&userid=3602&dateline=1397568  442
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PR is quite simply one of the best mods ever made. I've played it on and off for five years now (started development in 2005) and is the perfect balance between a military sim, and a game.
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I played for the first time the other day, and after being stuck in the CODBO zone for ages, it was a absolute relief to get back to team work.
Are there any other TOG players, or a TOG server?
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