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Default Woodland Wonderland (my Far Cry 2 map)

I recently started playing around with the Far Cry 2 map editor. What an awesome piece of software! This is more of an experiment for me rather than a mission to make a great map but I've spent a fair bit of time trying to make it balanced by observing many online games with 12-16 players.

Set on the Zambezi river near an abandoned work site, Woodland Wonderland is a Far Cry 2 custom multiplayer map that supports all gamemodes. The map is not too sniper friendly and the ammo supplies are in one central point of the map to reduce camping domination at map objectives.

For a manual install option, download - here - 14MB
Available to play and download on my server - link -

Current readme file - woodland-wonderland-README.txt -

Woodland Wonderland plan view -click to enlarge-

Woodland Wonderland Uprising Capture Point A -click to enlarge-

Woodland Wonderland Uprising Capture Point B -click to enlarge-

Woodland Wonderland Uprising Capture Point C -click to enlarge-

Woodland Wonderland UFLL Diamonds -click to enlarge-

Woodland Wonderland APR Diamonds -click to enlarge-

Woodland Wonderland gameplay just before dusk -click to enlarge-

Woodland Wonderland machete fighting at dusk -click to enlarge-

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That looks like a great map.

I haven't had FC2 installed for ages, and had forgotten how pretty it is.

As I'm on holidays I might have to reinstall it and give your maps a go with some MP goodness.

How long did it take you to make that one Ned?
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Thanks Jug

The Far Cry 2 map editor is amazingly simple. If youíve even had the slightest inclination about maybe putting together a gaming map then this is where to start. Iíve looked at many gaming editors and this is by far the easiest to use that Iíve seen. The initial format I had done in about an hour. Fine tuning the terrain to reduce sniper domination and altering various items etc for gameplay balance took the most time. I run a Far Cry 2 server so I was able to see things Iíd missed like over-effective camping spots. I liked it when sniper fans played the map. If thereís an over-effective sniping spot on your map then they will find it! There are parts of the map where sniping can still be used to your advantage and thatís fine but Iíve tried to make it so youíll never get just 2 teams of snipers playing against each other like Iíve seen in many a Far Cry 2 game. If you have a look at the changelog in the readme youíll see what Iíve done to try to achieve this.

changelog - woodland-wonderland-README.txt -
Server info - link -
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