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Default Help Kickstart Orion: Prelude

ORION: Prelude by David Prassel — Kickstarter

Always good to see Indy devs taking a crack at something big, and this defiantly qualifies. They've put up a kickstart and they've gathered 1k in about a day. If they hit 10k in under a month it's a pretty good bet we'll see this this one come to fruition.

This will be a Source Engine game so expect tight steam integration (invites, achievements, dedicated servers), good keybaord/mouse controls and great performance even on mid-range machines. They released a multiplayer beta source mod not so long ago (called Orion: Source) and the feedback they gathered from that prompted them to start Orion: Prelude as a commercial project.

One to keep an eye on or even pitch in for if you're keen.

Additional links...


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It's Halo with the odd dinosaur thrown in for good measure. If it's of the same sort of quality as Reach then it should be awesome.
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Chrome meets Turok !!

Thanks for this info, will keep an eye on it
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