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Default Crysis 2 Reviewed : best game of the year so far

EA's first-person shooter Crysis 2 powered by CryEngline 3 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 is it going to be the game of the year. These are the reviews / scores from some of the top sites that are in so far...

Although it is early days Crysis 2 is looking impressive on the scoreboard , maybe i was a tad harsh with my earlier score of 7.5 - 8.0 but we have titles like BF3 and Portal 2 to come .. Whatever Crytek do they do it very well i will give them that..

9.4 by VGCchartz
9.0 by IGN
9.0 by PC Gamer
8.9 by Metacritic

More Reviews and Comments

The Reviews

Gamereactor - 9/10
It would simply be a shame not to call this the best action game so far this year. Crytek have done it again.

The State Press - 5/5
Crysis 2 provides a wider audience of players with an incredibly rewarding campaign and remarkable combative multi-player that will awe players as a revolutionary adventure. Splicing “Crysis 2’s” fantastic gameplay with its surreally beautiful graphics sets this title up to be 2011’s game of the year.

Eurogamer - 8/10
In almost every way that matters then, Crysis 2 is dressed for success.

MS Xbox World - 9/10
In such a crowded genre and one where nothing is ever original, Crysis 2 doesn't reinvent the wheel and is perhaps lacking in some modern extras but does offer a compelling journey that's both stunning to look at and a marvellous joy to play.

Giant Bomb - 4/5
Crysis 2 is dragged down a bit by a lot of relatively minor issues, but the suit really saves it, making the action a lot more entertaining than it would be otherwise.

GameSpot - 8.5/10
If you give this sequel a little patience, it will bombard you with the thrills you came seeking.

Joystiq - 4/5
While the single-player campaign is something I can see myself returning to a couple more times in a quest for Achievements/Trophies, the multiplayer side of Crysis 2 has me utterly hooked. I came for the pretty graphics, was happy with the solid shooter underneath them and am pretty much beside myself with how unexpectedly good the online play is.

Attack of the Fanboy - LOVED
The attention to detail in Crysis 2 is outstanding. It has a story that you won't soon forget, with an open ending that may have you beginning the long wait to Crysis 3 prematurely, but don't worry there's plenty of multiplayer goodness to go around until it does come.

Strategy Informer - 8/10
Crysis 2 ticks all the right boxes, with a lengthy campaign that packs plenty of replay value and multiplayer options that are bound to prove a big hit. If only the suit's powers were managed a little better, and the AI was up to scratch, we'd be recommending this outright.

Videogamer - 9/10
Crytek's fourth game is their most confident to date, carefully balancing silliness, seriousness, and spectacle, and despite looking like a laundry list of bad shooter clichés at first glance the end product is surprisingly fresh-faced and triumphant. Switching to New York gives Crytek what it desperately needed: a credible sense of menace to go alongside gorgeous technical fortitude and impressive artistic direction.

NowGamer - 8.9/10
It’s a benchmark by which other shooters should take an example from, and not the shamefully perfunctory five-hour-and-under campaigns that have flooded our shelves in recent years. If Crysis 2 is anything to go by, we can’t wait to see what evolves from the CryEngine 3 next.

The Telegraph - 7/10
It's an enjoyable trip, but despite the visual spectacle and the entertaining combat, it feels like one you've made before.

gamrReview - 9.4/10
Crysis 2 is a spectacular game in nearly every way. Accurate, innovative gameplay combines nicely with the best presentation the Xbox 360 has ever seen for a truly incredible experience. Halo and Gears of War: you’re both on notice. There’s a new contender on Microsoft’s little console and its name is Crysis.

1UP - A-
Crysis 2 is a beautifully realized game that delivers impressive environments, simplified controls, and a plethora of tactical combat options. The game empowers you to make gameplay choices that complement your play style both in single- and mulitplayer.

Computer and Video Games - 9.1/10
Crytek has gone out of its way to offer something brilliant that other shooters don't, and succeeded in abundance - with fantastic shootouts, tonnes of freedom and a technical magic bag that's the envy of all of its competitors.

PC Gamer - 89/100
The thrill and spontaneity of outfoxing enemies with invisibility, snapping a machinegun turret off its stand and wading into danger, or sprint-leaping through the Big Apple in heavy armor is something you can’t get anywhere else on the PC.

Just Push Start - 4.5/5
Crysis 2 is not a perfect game, but it definitely comes close. I expect it to be one of the best first person shooter games of 2011. The return of the Nanosuit is what first person shooter fans have been waiting for, especially now that PS3 and Xbox 360 owners can experience it.

G4TV - 4/5
In a genre that has become complacent with tunnel-style levels, experiencing the openness of Crysis 2 feels all the more refreshing.

Games Radar - 8/10
The multiplayer is the stronger of the two game components, so if you favor online play, you’re in for a sprinting, super-jumping, sneaking good time. The single-player is by no means something you’ll want to ignore, though. If you’re into both modes, the game is quite the package when all its strengths are considered, despite some flaws.

Ars Technica - BUY
While Crysis 2 may seem like just another big-budget shooter at first, the game plays with a number of images and themes that are surprisingly affecting. It's a haunting game, filled with the dead and the dying, and placing the action in such a much-loved American city only to destroy it in scene after scene is a bold choice. After I finished the single-player campaign I continued to think about how the game played out, and that's rare in a genre that seems to be stuck on the "isn't America tops, what with all our guns?" message.

Machinima - 9.5/10
Crysis 2 really feels like the kitchen sink of recent shooters [...] But this kitchen sink is 24-carat gold plated. Each of those individual elements is expertly executed. It all makes Crysis 2 a complete shooter experience, and one of the best games of the year so far.

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It's obviously early days for 'Game of the Year' contenders, but I hope it's not forgotten at the end of the year. I'm very pleased with the purchase.

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Keep in mind many of these reviews will have been done by someone who has never touched the PC version of the game.

First Person Shooters on Consoles seem to have a much lower bar and different metrics from critical review sites to what most PC gamers here will weigh in with - most notably multiplayer longevity, multiplayer community support, server browsers ect.

Seems the single player is very good though and my be worth the price alone. I really enjoyed the first Crysis as a single player game.

As for GOTY... I just can't see it, the competition is way too fierce. Portal 2 has had dibs on that award for some time now and nothing I've seen from other games has made me think otherwise yet.
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Crysis 2 is good but not that good, overal difficulty is easy even on hard.

Graphics are good but again not that good, its a pc game engine by design you can recognise that boxy feel everywhere, every object ingame is built out of cubes typical old school PC design, makes everything generic missed chance of the art department they should have taken a good look at killzone 3,uncharted 2,god of war 3 or heavy rain on how to make a game look unique, now i have a constant feeling of dejavu everywhere i go.

Multiplayer its COD on dope, if you like cod you will love it, if you hate cod you will loath this.
Poor design choices, higher level means harder to kill and better weapons.
Hostadvantage,lag and host migration rears their ugly head.

Game of the year not by a long shot.
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Host advantage??? It has dedicated servers ...
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yeah this is a PC game we are talkign about no Host Advantage in the PC version ... every country has a dedicated server or more if you sort them by location eg.. Asia , Oceania , US , EU and you can easily see various servers in your region .. it is not hosting ala Xbox style

but i have also seen the varied screenshots from Xbox to PS3 and Xbox is missing out .. and the PC version looks far better then xbox in this so maybe it is a Xbox thign for Crysis but that console is quiet old now

A wasted youth is better by far than a wise and productive old age

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