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Default What's your favourite FPS Villain?

The concept is simple enough, list one of your favourite game villains.

It could be an end chapter boss, or a just some random enemy type in a game that's really annoyed you like the floating skulls in doom. However, like all games, there are a few rules...

  1. One Villian at a time! (you can post multiple times, but gives other a chance to jump in).
  2. You cannot repeat a Villain someone else has already listed.
  3. You must provide a screenshot/image/video/link of some kind.
  4. You must mention the game the villain appears in, in case some haven't played it.

So, let's kick this off with perhaps the most obvious:

GLaDOS from Portal 2.

Wallpaper by Zeptozephyr
. . . .

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Well of course the first one that came to mind when I read the thread title was Glados

But seeing as there are rules about these things...

Shodan from System Shock gave me nightmares I guess that's plenty good enough reason to be up there
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