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Bohemia Interactive is hard at work on ArmA 3, and seem to be pretty determined to make it one of the best looking open-world shooters on PC. To help with that they've really polished up the lighting system, to the point of generating near photo-realistic effects. Check out the trailer below to see for yourself.

SOURCE ArmA 3 Dev Shows Off Latest Advances In Lighting - Voodoo Extreme
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I is has been watching...
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Arma II is the most realistic fps shooter on the PC, BF3 is ridiculous compared to that.
BF3 is a Michael Bay movie with unrealistic dumbed down weapons that have their accuracy greatly reduced and the range cut to 10% of the real thing.
For example a real M249 saw machine gun has a range of 1000 meters highly accurate you only need to squize the trigger for a second and your target is dead at that range.
Bf3 is just Cod with vehicles.

But back on topic here is a new movie for arma 3

And for those of you that don't have arma 2 hear is some great multiplayer operations

viewed from the helicopter pilots perspective

viewed from footsoldiers perspective
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