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Genghoidal 30th June 2011 08:34 PM

TOG NS2 Clan Team
Lads, those of you that know NS2 will know that it is already getting some feisty action out there and that NS2HD has started casting clan matches. Sure the game isn't finished yet, we are still waiting on the Onos, Jet Packs, Heavy machine guns and power armour to be added but the game play is pretty awesome already.

Myself and Mako have started chatting about pulling together a TOG team already seeing clan matches are already starting up. We have a few guys who are quite keen but this is a notice to peeps that this is an amazing blend of RTS and FPS shooter and more TOG team play is going to make it fantastic.

Support indie developers, grab the beta if you haven't already or just check out the match in the link above and if you like what you see then jump on in.

If you have some interest and aren't quite convinced just yet - post up so we know and can help to persuade you to 'get involved!'

Peace out.. Geng

Mako 30th June 2011 08:56 PM

Just wanted to follow up on what Geng said and say hi from myself. This Indie title has been in development for some time now by a small team in San Francisco and already has more Aussie server support than most finished titles out there. It is still in Beta at the moment and as such there are a few quirks you have to forgive but it is definitely playable and getting better all the time. We should see a new big patch by the end of the week. It really is an ideal time to get involved in this one, support Indie developers and feel like you own a little bit of it. A lot of the big house productions lack soul, this title has it in spades. The mix of Aliens vs Marines with RTS and FPS elements is quite unlike anything else out there, it has its own engine and some quite lovely graphics.

The original game was a HL1 mod and I played it loads, mainly as the RTS style commander so for the TOG Clan I will be jumping in to that role initially. This isnt an exclusive position and should someone demonstrate real strategical talent would be great to get another commander for the team. Geng will initially be field captain relaying the status of the battle from the ground and informing the commander whats needed to make the troops happier.

Let us know whos keen and we can start arranging evenings for playing a few public games and getting the feel for it and each other.

SJ777 1st July 2011 10:03 AM

grabbed it last night - dling now

the most lolz I've had buying a game...because after you pay via paypal, you are redirected to a page with a pic of 4 developers standing on a rooftop holding your money and looking very happy:D

looking forward to giving this one a ago

Genghoidal 1st July 2011 03:10 PM

Had a couple games last night.. We won as the aliens first and I got to play the Gorge for most of it which was great fun even as a supporting alien class.

Second game was pretty much the exact reason we are putting this call out... The commander we had was doing just fine up until the mid game and then he just seemed to run out of ideas and stop coordinating the team which was quite frustrating for us! He let us slowly capitulate under the attacks from the aliens and we lost. Poops.

More games tonight

Mako 3rd July 2011 04:38 AM

NS2 Steam group up, once the new patch is released looking to start practising our skills as a team. Get involved ;)

Steam Community :: Group :: TOG | Natural Selection 2

You will need an invite to the group so give us a shout on this thread

Genghoidal 3rd July 2011 03:10 PM

Samah 3rd July 2011 05:59 PM

Yeah alright, count me in. :)
I started playing NS on day one, back when the minimap was a stretchy blue thing that never worked properly. Lerk and heavy were my favourite classes.
Consties unite!
Also kudos if you recognise any of the following memes:
- Lork on the clorf
- A scorpian that hovars without flapping

Snott 4th July 2011 02:15 PM

I really like the look of this, but I find it hard enough committing time to one shooter without adding more.... have fun guys, get us some vids of TOG action!

Genghoidal 4th July 2011 03:17 PM

No worries Snahl, I will be pumping out some vids soon (need to clean the haggis out of my hard drives!)...

You will however want to be playing this. I have been struggling to spread the love around all the recent releases also (Brink sadly has been shelved!) but NS2 is going to be a very awesome addition to your collection without a doubt. Given their full support of modding (the map editor is available BEFORE the game is even finished!) you see their own engine and technology is going to be available for people to build their own games just as they did with NS on the original HL1 engine!

Love the philosophy, they have a very close connection with their community due to the popularity of the original mod and they intend to give back plentifully to that community. They are almost entirely funded by preorders for the game, have been working on it full time for about 3 years and are developing a lot of their own technology including their own engine.

Genghoidal 5th July 2011 11:34 AM

More epic games last night! Mako and I are getting the hang of the aliens even more now and eagerly awaiting the next build 180 which is going to bring in some new features.

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