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Old 19th March 2013, 08:11 AM   #21 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by MMOGAddict View Post
Looks like we won't have a TOG division though.
Probably not, but no biggie if that's the case. The game's social tools are limited at best, with most co-op map and arc-fall PUG's pretty friendly. Besides, the game plays like a third person shooter, so you'll probably spend most of your time solo anyway.
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I just read there is clan support in this game ... If that makes any difference
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Tried my 1st beta yesterday.

Not much going on there in terms of game play and I am curious how the game ties in with the TV show.

Anyway, I did enjoy it quite a bit and bought the Digital Deluxe version and the DLC pack
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Old 27th March 2013, 09:52 PM   #24 (permalink)
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PC, Played all the betas and alphas.

The tie into the show is an episodic quest chain with tv show toons, and the new content supposedly paces with the show... the funny thing is the game will encourage tv show piracy since Syfy doesnt broadcast to most of the planet live... but most of the planet can get the game (on multiple gaming platforms)

* The "Origin" is NOT a class system. its a background story, it doesnt effect gameplay... only effects your start. It picks your starting weapon and your starting outfit. All players can use all weapons.
* All other character creation options are cosmetic.

* You get a vehicle pretty early, so you wont be running everywhere :P
* Your secondary weapon can be any weapon
* The Roll ability can help you dodge projectiles and escape slime. (see keybindings, the game doesnt tell you about this)
* Rebinding the Vehicle Boost key to your Mouse RMB is awesome.

* Critical hits are for headshots. Do more damage
* Enemies have weakpoints and armored sections, learn them, weakpoints are usually glowing.
* Arkfalls and some boss fights have gimicks, listen for the clues, cause certain fights require you to kill / not kill mobs (selectively), so blind murdering everything leads to failure.

* Your experience bar gives you one ego point per full bar.
* Your Ego Score is your "level" sort of... it goes up 10 points per full XP bar, but also pursuits (achievements) and by doing certain story missions. Bonuses and content unlocks based on this.
* Weapons dont really level like RPGs, you can get more mod slots at major levels milestones... but the base stats stay the same. So look at the weapon descriptions for effects/bonuses and their quality (green, blue, purple)
* Each weapon has its own exp bar (leading to a bonus stat) if it maxes out, you stop earning weapon skill points though which is confusing for new & old players (there is suppose to be a way to refresh the weapon exp bar so you can continue to earn skill points, but not yet implemented)

* Ego Calculator Defiance Central
* While you can choose any weapon, and any 4 Ego Powers, and play how you choose... the designers did kind of make the perks/pursuits relate to weapons. Blur favours Shotguns, Cloak favours Snipers, Overload favours Assault Rifles / Infectors, Decoy favours Large Machine Guns & BMGs.

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I played a lot. Never maxed out a weapon. There was an achievement in Combat, Sniper III I believe. Get a semi automatic sniper rifle to level 10. I barely had any weapon up to 5. And I hated the double tap semi auto rifles.

There are also Contracts. Or "Faction" with certain groups. Like "Von Bock Industries". By doing daily contracts you increase your faction with the group giving you access to specific weapons in vending machines. Weapon level dependent on faction level. This was disabled during the last Beta.

I don't feel there is an ability that favors a type of weapon. I used a lot of weapons and had specific builds for different types of fight load outs. Running a shotgun in cloak with the attack from behind and kill from cloak "perk" equipped is very effective on close in fighting. I think the abilities are more tied into your play style. Although Clone and it's perks seems to be more geared towards a healer "class".

The other thing about abilities is that the higher level you get. And the more perks you pick. Can lead into another ability. So eventually you could have specific load outs with specific abilities and weapons more suited to that load out. I think I got to around level 400. With 3 out of 5 load out slots open and maybe 5 perks equipped. It looks like there's almost 12 perk slots.
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Hints & Tips:

* Turn damage number on. It is so handy to work out if you are hitting a weak point or not.

* Current max EGO level is 5000. (Training every skill once is 840 Ego, Maxxing all current skills is 2600 EGO.)
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Yeah we should really do a Divison for Defiance
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Old 31st March 2013, 08:05 PM   #28 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Caius View Post
Yeah we should really do a Divison for Defiance
Probably a good idea just to remove some of the confusion if its MMO or FPS, we got double postings already.

On top of that PC, Xbox, PS3 subdivisions.

And we may need to co-ordinate game servers. Testing has been on one server, but that have a server "list" when the server dies... implying they may be aiming for multiple game servers.

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Old 1st April 2013, 10:57 PM   #29 (permalink)
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If the game is good enough at release I am sure that there will be interest. I do wonder if a proper Div would be needed or just something like Neverwinter has now. A sub-forum so that people are not looking everywhere for information would be great.

I am going to roll on a NA(west coast if they have multiple regions) PC server. Unless the EU servers are in name only, IE physically located in the States, I could not justify the performance loss to playing on an EU server.
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Old 2nd April 2013, 09:21 AM   #30 (permalink)
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Hi guys just wanted to let everyone know that the game seems to be live (PC). I was able to log in, create my character and play throught the starter area. Not sure when it was supposed to go live but steam still says 9 hours.

I downloaded the client from Trions site using my steam keys. Is anyone else able to get in yet?

Edit: The client says that the game is not live yet but I am still able to click on play and get in.
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