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Old 18th March 2012, 01:38 PM   #71 (permalink)
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That is really a shame...was hoping they had moved past that for this one.
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I was hoping more people moved past playing consoles ...
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Good news regarding the ending LINK

Thank you Chiack

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Originally Posted by Carm View Post
Good news regarding the ending LINK
Is that good news? I mean, not only don't they commit to what kind of changes, they didn't actually commit to *changes* - just "clarifications." What kind of "clarifications?"

Learning that Joker and EDI get married and have babies and then Joker's old friend Goku loses the Dragonball and Krilli- I mean, Joker, has to come out of retirement to help him on one last wacky adventure? Maybe Wrex bakes a cake?

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Default Expansion

Iím about a third through the game. A mate of mine says the game or ending is much better if you have the expansion. When does the expansion kick in? Can I buy it now and continue playing or do I have to start again?
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Maybe he's referring to the Prothean character DLC, rawprawn?

I wondered what kind of content that DLC contained and how it would affect the end-game.
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DLC gives you access to another squad member, not sure if it affects the ending of the game

Spoiler: however with the ending 
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I was loving this game for about a week then I just suddenly stopped playing it. I think I am hooked on multiplayer games at the moment.

Will try to get more time on it this weekend!
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Default (Spoilers)

Im in two minds, i love the ME franchise and the games have all been pretty good, but there are things about ME3.. ..too much conflict to complain or approve...

..maybe the finish will sell it for me
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I have the DLC since I have the collector's ed. and I don't see how having him could noticeably affect the endgame in any meaningful fashion.
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