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Old 26th March 2012, 06:02 PM   #81 (permalink)
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Just finished my first playthrough with my character from ME1 and ME2. Not sure if I want to play it again though.

I kind of dislike how you have to import an ME3 save to upgrade to class X weapons and mods. You'd think playing a character through the first two games and importing into ME3 would have earned class X upgrades.
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Loved the game, right up to the last 15 mins, then it died and even after a replay (from ME1) still cant be bothered to finish it ><
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Many flaws in the story and the ending (major plot holes), the combat system, C&C in light of the ending, etc. It will take more than DLCs to solve these errors. The most critical is the ending.
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announcement at pax apparently, we will see if they actually do anything about the ending then :\
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Old 6th April 2012, 02:04 PM   #85 (permalink)
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Default Guide on endings

I found this guide

***************** SPOILER *************************

Factors affecting ending of the game:

Collector's Base: In Mass Effect 2, Shepard had to make a critical decision between the following options:
Destroying the Collector's Base
Leaving the Collector's Base to Cerberus

If you did NOT play Mass Effect 2, or if you started a new game on Mass Effect 3 WITHOUT importing a character, the assumed choice is:
Shepard Destroyed the Collectors Base

Note: You can achieve the perfect ending whether or not you destroyed the Collector's base. Main difference is that you get some additional war assets if you chose to save the collectors base.

Effective Military Strength (EMS): This is the War Assets, times the Readiness Rating.
On your War Assets screen you can see something like:
Total Military Strength: 6000
Readiness Rating: 80%
Effective Military Strength: 4800

That last figure is the determining number.

The lowest readiness rating you can have is 50%. Fastest way to increase the Readiness Rating is through Multiplayer. However, you should be able to achieve high enough EMS even without multiplayer.

Higher Effective Military Strength means access to a better ending.

Illusive Man Paragon/Renegade Ending: A 100% Paragon or Renegade rating unlocks a new blue/red conversation options when talking to the illusive man. After the illusive man says: "You... you'd undo everything I've accomplished. I won't let that happen." The dialog choices available are "But you already have", "Then you've failed humanity", "You're theirs now.", and "You're Pathetic". If you unlocked the Paragon ending, the first two choices are Blue/Red PERSUADE options. Otherwise, those dialog options are grayed out.

Paragon Ending: Choose the blue option and you tell him that because of him, humanity is already undone. The Reapers have the Citadel. They've got all the species fighting each other instead of fighting them. You further tell The Illusive Man that he has done exactly what the Reapers wanted, and that he is still doing it because they control him. You try to tell Illusive man not to let the Reapers win and to break their hold. Illusive man tells you he tried, and shoots himself in the head.

Renegade Ending: Choose the red option and tell him that he is weak and selfish, and because of him humanity will suffer. Illusive man insists he saved humanity, but you tell him that he sacrificed humanity for his own selfish wants and his lust for control. The Illusive Man persists in claiming he is the savior of humanity, the pinnacle of our species. He attempts to shoot you. Beat him to the punch.

Saving Anderson: Watch for the Renegade Interrupt to attempt and save Anderson. You will have to press the button quickly in order to shoot The Illusive Man before he shoots Anderson in the back of his head. HOWEVER, Anderson still dies, no matter whether you shoot Illusive Man fast enough or what. The difference is only whether or not he dies by being executed in the back of the head by TIM. If you manage to shoot Illusive Man before he shoots Anderson, there is also an extra scene where Anderson and Shepard sit together, you talk to Anderson and he tells you he is proud of you, before dieing.

Endings Spoilers:

First, we will give you a summary of all the endings based on your Effective Military Strength and on whether the Collectors Base was destroyed or not. Afterwards, scroll down to get a more detailed analysis of the events in the ending, and to understand what goes on in the cutscenes.

Collector's Base Destroyed

0 to 1,749 EMS: Your only choice is to destroy the Reapers. Earth is destroyed.

1,750 to 1,899 EMS: Shepard can choose to destroy the Reapers, or control them. If you destroy the Reapers, Earth is destroyed in the process as well. If you control the Reapers, Earth is devastated but not destroyed.

1,900 to 2,349 EMS: Shepard can choose between destroying and controlling Reapers. Both choices save earth, and humanity survives, however Earth's buildings still get vaporized.

2,350 to 2,649 EMS: Shepard can control Reapers, and save Earth

2,650 to 2,799 EMS: Shepard can destroy Reapers, and save Earth. Shepard Dies.

2,800 to 3,999 EMS: Shepard is able to create a link between Synthetics and Organics, and Earth and the Galaxy are saved

4,000 to 4,999 EMS: You can destroy the Reapers and Earth is saved. If you shot TIM on time and saved Anderson, Shepard breathes (Survives).

5,000+ EMS: You can destroy all Reapers. Earth saved as well. Shepard will breath, whether you attempted to save Anderson or not. (Perfect Ending)

Collector's Base Remained Intact

0 to 1,749 EMS: Shepard's only choice is to destroy the Reapers. Earth is destroyed.

1,750 to 2,049 EMS: Shepard can control the Reapers or destroy them. Destroying the Reapers also destroys Earth. Controlling the Reapers damages earth but does not destroy it.

2050 to 2,349 EMS: Shepard has choice between controlling and destroying Reapers. You save Earth from destruction either way, and humans live, but Earth is still devastated and buildings vaporized.

2,350 to 2,649 EMS: Shepard can destroy the Reapers. Earth is badly damaged but isn't destroyed completely

2,650 to 2,799 EMS: Shepard can destroy the Reapers and save Earth.

2,800 to 3,999 EMS: Shepard can create the Synergy between Organics and Reapers to save Earth and the Galaxy

4,000 to 4,999 EMS: Shepard can destroy Reapers. Earth survives. If you shot The Illusive Man on time and saved Anderson, Shepard Survived.

5,000 + EMS: Shepard can destroy Reapers. Earth survives. Shepard also survives regardless if you tried to save Anderson or not. (Perfect Ending)


I must make the point that anderson still dies, I had 9000 EMS , did all endings had illusive man shoot himself etc but he still dies, the normandy ends up crash landed on a planet, the gates are destroyed ( in all endings).
My ending lvl 58 Infiltrator

You can use the radplayer to allow you to view bink videos the mass effect series uses.

Has anyone played the online for mass effect 3?.


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Those who have played the game and enjoy science fiction, philosophy, and stories will like this.

Warning: spoilers.

Mass Effect 3 Ending: Tasteful, Understated Nerdrage (SPOILERS) - YouTube
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Originally Posted by rokaan View Post
I found this guide
You forgot to put the source:
Mass Effect 3 Endings Guide
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Just started ME (original) again, finding a cheap used copy at JB Hi Fi. Good fun so far, in the very sedate Bioware sort of way.


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Here's one channel containing detailed videos explaining major flaws in ME2 and 3:

smudboy - YouTube
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I've been playing the multiplayer part a lot in ME3. I usually only bother with the single player part in most games, but in ME3 the multiplayer is quite fun to play imo, especially if you happen to find a good team.

So i wonder if any of you would be interested in joining me in some multiplayer games, I'm sure they are even better together with toggers
I usually play European evening times (from roughly 18:00 GMT), but during weekends I would be available a lot more.

For those that haven't tried the ME3 multiplayer it consists of a team of 4 humans against 11 waves of computer controlled enemies (reapers, geth or cerberus). The waves get harder and harder, and some waves contain special missions you have to complete, such as moving items to a pickup zone, hacking terminals and disabling devices. Team play is very important in the later difficulties, where a runaway death can mean the entire team is wiped.
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