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Default Steam Call of Duty 50% off weekend

Thanks to P.Smurf for bringing this to my attention, some great deals on the older Call of Duty games ( Call of Duty 2 $9.95USD {thats like $9.30AUD!!} and Call of Duty World at War $19.99USD for example )

Other titles are included, but they aren't as awesome as the 2 listed above of course.

COD4 $24.95USD

COD:MW2: $44.95USD
MW2 DLC: $7.49USD

And COD1 and CODUO: $9.95USD each

Call of Duty Franchise Weekend

Great for getting back into the older Call of Duty games
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Nice! Downloading COD4 now..
I'm keen to try the Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare mod

I've just been waiting for a Steam sale

I have a Modern Warfare question.

Does the singleplayer game in MW2 continue the story from the original MW?
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So by 50% off they mean 100% regular price to the rest of the world for the sale? lol.

We need you, Citizen!
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