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Mako 4th October 2011 09:55 PM

Natural Selection 2 Beta - all about this amazing game and the team TOG is fielding


What am this game do?
The basic premise of this amazing game is multiplayer Aliens vs Marine territory/resource/base control playing in either FPS view on the ground or a RTS commander handing out orders/support and building structures in top down view. It is still in beta at the moment but is very playable and patches are released regularly adding features, balance and fixes.

Support Indie gaming, GET INVOLVED!

As a bad ass Frontiersman...
This game offers the tension of the first Alien film (if your foolish enough to go wandering off on your own) and the furious action of the sequel without even being based in the same franchise.
Start of with your basic pulse rifle and pistol which upgrade as your commander can afford the resources, later purchase from your bases armoury the essential shotgun, grenade launcher or flamer. Move with your squad and follow the commanders orders as you secure areas of the space station with turrets and escort your robotic siege cannons down tight dangerous corridors in search of enemy hives.

As a deadly and fast Kharra...
As your standard 'Skulk' form you run up walls waiting in ambush to pick off stupid lone marines or launching assaults as a group to confuse and eliminate squads.
Evolve to the slightly overweight support 'Gorge' healing team mates and aiding your commander spread infestation and organic turrets across the space station.
Save enough resources to evolve into a spike shooting, poison smoke dropping flying 'Lerk'.
The evolution your really after is the daunting 'Fade', who can teleport about and slice marines new fecal release valves in their armour with his (or her) massive claws.

See here for more commentary and in-game action.

NaturalSelection2HD's Channel - YouTube

This game has an amazing Aussie following and even in Beta the dedicated servers are heavily populated most evenings.

Its fun in public play but so much better in an organised team so....

Become a part of the TOG NS2 Steam group and meet us in TS3 on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS 8pm EST. We also have a dedicated Australian server for scrims.

We are currently fielding players for a fun tournament organised by Hugh from NS2HD where you will get to play against 15 teams from around the world as well as the game Developers themselves! Start date is still TBA


Anyone can join us for this opportunity, no matter what your experience level we would love to share our passion for this excellent game with you.

Fox 5th October 2011 06:30 PM

Ill put my name down for 8pm brissy time on thursday (or tuesday). Ill support the tog clan as much as possible but im sure games will be scheduled during american prime time when i will be sleeping.

Minchione 6th October 2011 12:49 PM

I'll be in it, haven't played it since the Alpha, not many poeple were playing so i gave up. Will be looking forward to some serious alien pwnage.

Mako 6th October 2011 01:27 PM

Good stuff, looking forward to meeting the interested new comers tonight as well as those TOGers who have already popped along.

Information about the upcoming Tournament can be found HERE
Our first match is at 8pm (EST) Fri 28th October against fellow Aussie Clan Mr.

Mako 8th October 2011 01:42 PM

Massive new patch out today - awesome! Really fun build, got rid of loads of niggling bugs, infestation looks cool. Next patch after this will be the one with Tier 3 stuff like Onos and power armour!!

Fox 8th October 2011 02:57 PM

Nades nerfed a bit. Thats enuf to keep me going :)

Mako 10th October 2011 09:38 AM

Got some awesome games of NS in this weekend, loving the new patch and a couple of quick bug fixes being released today.

Only 3 weeks till our first Tournament match is played and broadcast to the world!

Meeting every Tuesday and Thursday before then for fun nights and praccy, get involved!

Mako 10th October 2011 05:37 PM

NS2HD just put up an awesome vid showcasing the game

Natural Selection 2 News

Minchione 10th October 2011 06:02 PM

Awesome Vid

Fox 10th October 2011 08:39 PM

Tis a good vid. Anyone know how he turns off the HUD details via console?

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