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Default 1000 Player FPS World Record Attempt Sunday 29th Jan -join in!

1000 Player FPS, World Record - Man vs. Machine
. . . .
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Thanks Drac!

A new Guinness World Record was set over the weekend, as 999 players joined a single browser frag-fest, allegedly lag-free, to battle it out in the "biggest first-person shooter ever made", Man vs. Machine.

SOURCE 999 Players Help Break Guinness World FPS Multiplayer Record - AusGamers.com
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lol 999 players - 1 short - i forgot it was on - sorry

lol at connection failure and the shooting into spawn

Thanks for the vid!
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um yea think planetside put something like 10000 on a server and planetside in its hayday had more then 1000 playing on a single server so as records go this falls way short
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Did anyone else notice his quick link bookmark in the top left of his browser for "Hack Forums"?

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