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in the stickies you'll find the correct TOG tag colors
I would not worry too much about colors unless you intend to join those teams. I have been playing with tog over a year and never had colors or * behind mine. Just add the TOG in front of your name and jump in to have some good ole TK'ing fun!
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Thanks again Max and everyone.
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I used to have that squelch on TS. A member in either the BF:V or the COD forums helped me out. I also searched the TS website for info on it. What fixed it for me was that member(I can't beleive I can't remember who it was ) posted up an exact copy of there settings and it fixed my problem. It sounds like you have the same situation. Shoot me a PM if you still need help and I will jump on TS and talk you through the settings that I have mine at. And Thanx to PH for figuring out my CoD2 TS issue.

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