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Default More Node Servers

From Internode

With the imminent death of the Optus gaming network we're happy to say that we have, and will be, acquiring new hardware to add additional servers to our ranks. This will go a long way in helping fill the gap that will be left by their departure in the Australian gaming community.

It's been reported that Optus users are able to exit their contracts as a result of the closure, so some of these Optus ADSL users that are coming across may like to take advantage of the free churn Internode is running at the moment. The timing is impeccable Surprised

You'll find that today we've already added new Natural Selection servers and also the return of 4! Soldier of Fortune II servers. More Enemy Territory servers are on their way, as well as the addition of Team Fortress Classic and The Specialists.

We have also provisioned a Star Wars Battlefront II server and last week we setup 6 Call of Duty 2 servers. Along with these new servers we are also looking at hosting some other mods for BF2 and Half-Life (2), but more on this as it happens.

These numbers are preliminary, as usual, and as time goes on we'll balance servers based on popularity and other factors that we take into account.

A reminder to those new people that are coming across to our network, please READ and UNDERSTAND the RULES for both IGN as a whole and the game in particular. Ignorance is never an excuse and taking 5 minutes out of your forum whoring can lead to such an easy transition Wink


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Hmmm, an SRBF2 server. Might be worth another look
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