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Originally Posted by Thymos View Post
So you're telling people in this thread, which was started before the thread you are linking to that also links to an even older thread that has a lot of posts, which hasn't had a post in it since before the creation of the newer thread to post into the newer thread?

If that doesn't make sense, just check the dates of the posts here and compare them to what you're telling them to post in.
Sorry if I offended you in any way. I was just asking and gave a reason. I could choose any of the threads in TOGs but with my MMO background I suggested that one. No need to discuss that further though: There is new sub - forum for all who want to participate The fleet has already 51 ships & corvette. Please join us !

Star Citizen (Public) - The Older Gamers Forums

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It's cool... I just thought it was funny that you posted in a dead thread to carry the conversation elsewhere.
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I could not agree with Imizae no more
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